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Favourite Character?

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verrornic Tavrin Callas!
Hillarious chap. I was enjoyng his constant dying.
Liv Joy Locke... I'm as much a head over heels for him as possible for a fictional character ❤___❤ I'm totally drooling over his genius!! :'D
Matthew Stefan Father Chains, of course!
Anna Schmutz The Gentleman Bastards all of them together are one. :)
Marianne Aasen Kind of a weird answer. But the Falconer. But the falconer would be nothing without Locke's witty insults. So its a shared first place.
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Gigianna Silver Locke was actually my favorite.
CHeEse Very hard to answer... I like Locke, but I liked him more in the first half part of the story when everything was fine and the Gentlemen Bastards were still cleverer and richer than everyone else.

I still like Locke. I still do, but perhaps now seeing Locke filled with rage and sworn vengeance for the past brothers only made me taste sorrow.

Now, back to the topic. I love good old Chains who was as much a father to the boys. Bug, with his boyish sincerity that acts as a little brother who smooths up the Gentlemen Bastards in need; I suppose he became extra lovable the moment he died; the way he died; and why he died (His death was not exactly necessary under the situation.) The Twins and Jean were also my favourite. Comedy relief the twins once brought, and the role of both a shield and sword that Jean has been.

I don't have a rank, and I don't have a top number 1. [RIP]
Angel They were fun characters, I liked young Locke more than old Locke. Young Locke seemed like this very clever fellow who didn't have a stopping point to his schemes and didn't consider the full impact of his plans BUT made them in a clever way and with little resources, while old Locke is more impulsive and got himself out of trouble too easily.

I'd say I liked the Sanza twins more, then father Chains. Their chapters were always so fun to read.
Tom Are the sequels better? Should I keep reading? This should have been called The Luck of Locke Lamora. I was expecting great things from the reviews but, for a caper novel, with a genius thief, there wasn't much genius. Locke pretty much lucked his way through the book. He was hyped as being this unbelievable intellect but he got by through sheer boldness and good fortune. I understand that it's hard to write a caper plot because you have to come up with all these incredibly intricate plans, but that's what the author signed up for. I didn't think he should have called out how brilliant Locke was over and over unless he could back it up. Right now, I think I'm abandoning the series here. There are just so many other great books out there to read, but I'm disappointed because I actually liked this more for it's world building than its caper plot. Lynch teased a lot of depth in the universe that I would like to discover, but I wasn't crazy about the first book and the plotting, in particular. How do the sequels compare? I've read some reviews that say Lynch is stringing the readers along a bit ala Martin or Jordan.
Libuska Lane Locke and Bug. I loved Locke so much as a main character with his wits and his flaws and his moral greyness. And Bug was not only super likeable, but his impulsiveness really complemented the rest of the gang, since the others were all more thinkers or schemers.
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Red Hand Pages The twins, obviously
Lip Locke Lamora. I'm in awe of his criminal prowess. Newest role model.
Cordelia Jean Tannen is an ICON
Liv Locke, just love that weaselly smartass
Adnan Jean tannen m favourite character <3 strong and clever
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Marco Vaca Locke. Amazing guy!
And the Berangias Sisters: commendable effort
Hope Jean Tannen. I love Locke, but he's a difficult one to get along with, and I think Jean is a lot more even-keeled and less of a drama queen. :'D
John Honestly?


He just might be my favorite villain of all time. Really, all of the characters were amazing, though; it's hard to choose just one.

Father Chains is #2
Drew Bug. Gotta love the rambunctious fella.
Carolina Rodé Sanza twins. And Berangias sisters. I'm all for duplets.
Maya Father Chains, Jean Tannen, and Locke!
Justin Hofstetter Chains and the twins, hands down.
Laczkó Balázs Sanza twins. I loved how similar they behave. Like when they say someting in unison.
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Molly Jean and the Sanza twins.
Arun Bug . Especially during arguments of why 'they liked doing it'
Conrad Truchly The Sanza twins are great
Kartikeya Locke and Father Chains.
R4gn4r Father Chains, because everyone needs a role model :)
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