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Paul H. asked:

Can anyone point me in the direction of books similar to 'Void Star'? (Obviously Gibson and Stephenson come to mind, can't think of anyone else ...)

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Woland Cory Doctorow also writes very up-to-date, cyberpunk-ish, intellectual novels. Try 'Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom'.

If you like more of the action and gritty dystopian style, you will love 'Altered Carbon' by Richard K. Morgan. (Netflix adaptation coming soon!)

A fantastic newcomer in the cyberpunk genre is Malka Older. 'Infomocracy' is more of a political thriller, but also thought provoking and fast paced.

'Oryx and Crake' by Margaret Atwood and 'The Windup Girl' by Paolo Bacigalupi are also worth a mention. Dark novels in which climate change and GMO's play a large role.

I sure hope the Gibson writes some more in the style of his 'Blue Ant' Trilogy, contemporary novels but written like it's cyberpunk, as though the future is happening now...
John Newman Hannu Rajaniemi and his Fractal Prince trilogy is in the same sort of far out cyberpunk / AI vein, and also written by someone with a very good comprehension of maths/computers. Obviously, Gibson's sprawl trilogy :) And others have mentioned Richard Morgan - I would suggest you check out his novel "13" (or "Black Man" as it is known in the UK), to my taste superior to the Kovacs (Altered Carbon) novels.
Jair Trejo It reminded me a lot of "The Diamond Age" in particular.
Jerico More near term: Last Good Man, Linda Nagata. To a lesser extent her `Red` novels work as well, being more AI focused. You might also like the Nexus books by Ramez Naam, though they`re not quite as literate as you might want.

Mid to Far term: The Tract books by M. Jon Harrison, Quantum Thief and its sequels, The Destructives (and other books in the setting) by Matthew De Abuita (exactly what you`re looking for I think), Queen City Jazz and sequels, Queendom of Sol cycle, Blindsight and Echopraxia by Watts, and most of the Culture books by Iain Banks. Golden Oecumene by John C Wright (not great but in the same sub-sub-sub Genre), Implied Spaces and Voice of the Whirlwind by Walter Jon Williams, Ventus by Karl Schroeder, Dreaming in Smoke by Tricia Sullivan, Nanotech series (especially the later ones) also by Nagata. A lot of Howard V. Hendrix`s books are thematically related but very different in implementation.

The common theme here is more `alien SF coupled to Gonzo posthumanism` and you could probably put Warren Ellis`s Supergods comic from Avatar in there as well.
Paul H. So I checked out all the books recommended (thanks all!), definitely some interesting stuff, though imo nothing that's quite as well-written as Void Star, just in terms of prose quality and various intangibles. Probably I'm asking too much . . . i.e., is there another William Gibson out there somewhere?, where I'm guessing the answer is "not really," lol
Charles Concurr about Doctorow. "Walkaway", his most recent 'Adult' book may be the most appropriate. Kim Stanley Robinson is some of his books. "New York 2140", a recent book may be the most appropriate. You can't forget You can't forget Bruce Sterling, although you have to pick carefully through his work. I would choose "Holy Fire", but that's just me. HTH
David Jones Agree with @woland that cory doctorow is fun in the vein of robert anton wilson or a futuristing Hunter S. Thompson style. I'm currently enjoying his co-work with Charles Stross "rapture of the nerds". Oddly I don't see it here in Goodreads.
You might like to check Rob Reid "After On" as a near future book. I've not read it yet but his podcast has some incredible topics and deep-dives into what it around the corner.
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