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Can someone tell me if it is better to start with the Riyria Revelations or the Riyria Chronicles ?

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Michael I would concur to start with Revelations (Theft of Swords). As for completeness. Revelations was one big tale broken into six individual episodes so yes it all wraps up there. Chronicles isn't designed that way. The first two tell the complete origin story and subsequent books in that series will be mainly standalone adventures. My approach will be to put out a Chronicle then see what the readers thing as far as wanting more. If they do, then I'll write another. I have ideas for 10 more books stacked up but I'll only release them if it's still something people want to read. I don't want the pair to overstay their welcome.
Marianne Boutet I agree with Mr. Sullivan: while I love reading in chronological order sometimes it just doesn't give the same flavor as reading while the author develops his universe. Another good example of this is Anne McCaffrey's Pern series - the events of the colonization of Pern and so forth happen hundreds (thousands?) of years before "Dragonflight" which is the first book published in the series. After reading the first 3 published books, one has a much better taste of the civilization. After that (or really after the first 7 books) one can then dig into the pre-history, not unlike digging for prize artifacts. I am finding that I am much more interested in how Hadrian and Royce came to be after they have established themselves solidly in my reading experience. :)
Edward Blodgett I read Revelations before Chronicles, because I didn't know of the Chronicles yet. Now I'm re-reading Revelations. I think Chronicles will make Revelations less special over all if read in chronological instead of published order. Sure you will gain some insight the other way, but I think over all publish order is the best.
Rechan If reading in Chronological order is important to you, consider this. The later 6 books are done. All new releases are prequels. So if you read the first 2 prequels, then the 6 later books, the next book to come out will be a prequel and thus out of chronological order.
Laura For context : I've read the complete (to this day) chronicles before starting Revelations. I'm currently in the middle of "Theft of Swords".
My advice : I almost regret starting with the chronicles. I absolutely loved theses books, honestly the plot and the characters, I loved everything about it. But now that I'm reading Revelations I'm disappointed because eventhough the global plot is actually better, the characters and to put it simply the overall writting is so much better in the Chronicles. Anyways the story remains amazing so here I continue
Jeffrey I've only read the first book in each series, so all I can say is that the Chronicles series is the backstory to the Revelations series. Hadrian and Royce meet in the Chronicles series, but they have an established partnership in the Revelations series.
Alvin Hill I must disagree with both the author and these readers. I read the entire Riyria series in narrative order and was glad that I did. Many interesting and effective aspects of The Crown Tower, for example - such as the mysterious hooded stranger shadowing Hadrian on the river boat - would have been vitiated for me, if I had read Revelations first.
Jeane Start with Riyria Revelations. That series is complete.
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