Paulina asked:

I have started reading this book but for some reason I just can't get into it that much, I don't really like the characters mainly, I feel like the storyline is good but I don't seem motivated by reading it. Should I continue it? Is it worth reading it?

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Riley Stevenson YES. This book is hard to start, I'll admit, but it gets better. Just stick with it throughout the twists and turns. Keep going! Please don't give up on this book!!
Mikaela At first it was shmeh because Ezra complained a lot and his entire attitude was kinda lame but I kept reading it because, honestly, it's brilliant.
Hannah YES PLEASE this is one of my all time favorite books ever. It's kind of like a John Green book being a little hard getting into, but trust me it get's so so so so much better!
Ellen Absolutely! It starts slowly, but becomes so much better. Ezra and the other main characters become far more complex and interesting, and there's a surprise twist toward the end that I NEVER saw coming.
Mary Ann Khalil I guess it all depends in where you are, but I'll admit that if you put down the book now you won't be missing much. After reading it, I felt like I wasted my time for nothing on a not-so-memorable book. Honestly, it reminds me of every other YA romance book, so it's not like there's a lot of plot twists. Probably one or two actually kept my attention for a second.
Abbie Parry I also found it was a bit meh and the start and the characters aren't great, but i promise it does get much better (:

they grow more and become less irritating. I'm still only just over half way, so we'll see if that changes again ;p
✧・゚Jenn B✧* This is one of my favorite YA novels actually. This is a great read. I don't understand why a lot of people don't like it. =(
lily This book is amazing and one of my favorites. I was able to get through it with no problem but I can understand why you may have a problem. Don't give up its such a good book!
Emily C i didn't think it was hard to start at all, honestly it's very interesting.
Roberta Almeida I'm going through the exact same thing right now.... it's become sort of like a "chore" to read it...
Heather Fedorchak I hated the ending of this book. I would just put it down now.
Phoebe Christian This is the kind of book that you put down a couple of times and when you get back at it it's like "eh okay". The end wasn't really that satisfying though, didn't liked Cassidy at all.
Sofia Give it a chance, maybe you´ll like it. I did not, for me it was a waste of time. The author just tries so hard to write a John Green´s book.
Camcam Estrera it took me long to finish the book but i feel like its like a normal novel. Not that really interesting
Roselle Rojas i just finished reading this and i think it's fun and yea it kinda has that Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns twist to it.
Zoe Ong Me too , i felt the same as you did, in the end bear in mind that Cassidy won't be with ezra .By the way ,if you don't like this book you probably wouldn't like Blind by Rachel Dewoskin.
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