Goodreads asked Carlton Brown:

Where did you get the idea for your most recent book?

Carlton Brown Ultimately it fell out of a question i had after finishing "Path of the Pole" By Charles Hapgood while on holiday in Egypt. Were the pyramids built before or after his theorized global catastrophe associated with the movement of the poles and melting of the ices caps. My hypothesis was that if such an event had happened (??) then one would expect to find random pyramid alignments. Google Earth helped me dismiss this very quickly, but it opened a proverbial can of worms! When I discovered that 2 specific alignments dominated the global pyramid landscape (80% aligned to the solstice &/or equinox sunrise/sets), and this coincided with their most important ritual-festivals dates dedicated to their Sun gods, which was shared by at least 4 different sun god religions on multiple continents; I realized i had a unique story. Many other things synchronously revealed themselves to me; in dreams, bubbling up from deep within as i meditated/contemplated, and literally jumping out the computer screen (patterns) as i researched. This initial research phase spawned at least two unique books.

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