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Theodore Roosevelt Poll:

It appears that by the end of the President's Poll that Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt were tied. Then somehow after we had voted on the Thomas Jefferson book, Teddy pulled ahead!!

So now we have to make it up to all of the Theodore Roosevelt voters and a book by or about Theodore Roosevelt will be our next Presidential Series selection.

This selection will begin on June 1, 2010 and will continue for three months (June, July and August). This discussion will be led by Bryan. Bryan has an extraordinary background and will be a great moderator to lead this discussion. He and Joe now share the responsibilities for the Presidential Series reads and will be alternating book discussions. They are both Assisting Moderators for the Presidential Series.

We have added all of the books nominated on the Theodore Roosevelt thread. However, if you do not see your favorite book on this list; then just comment or pop me a note and I will immediately add it to this poll.

You can always change your vote at any time; so nothing is lost. Some of the TR books deal with only a certain period of his life, one is multi-volume (the Morris books - I have added both separately), some deal with other founding fathers too; some are all encompassing, others deal with specific events in TR's life or presidency and others are by the man, himself.

Before making your selection, please try to look up your choice and make sure it really is a book you are interested in; do not be lured in by the title. Also, check out the author and what others have said about the book before you (reviewers who you trust). Then of course, make your selection.


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