A recent reviewer did not love the heroine in Untangling the Knot, partly because she felt she overstepped her role. What do you think? Does love make us overstep? Untangling the Knot

I think it was all unintentional and she made the right decision to leave when it became too much.
  2 votes, 66.7%

Sure Gabriella overstepped, but she learned and grew in the process.
  1 vote, 33.3%

I was uncomfortable also. I mean, what if that happened to my wedding?
  0 votes, 0.0%

I'd love to see what happened to everyone after. God works in mysterious ways.
  0 votes, 0.0%

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Untangling the Knot
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Sheila 8302 books
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Sure Gabriel

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I think it w

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I think it w