November Group Read

The Winter Sea
  9 votes 18.0%

When Harry Met Molly (Impossible Bachelors, #1)
  7 votes 14.0%

Tempting Eden
  6 votes 12.0%

The Sherbrooke Bride (Brides, #1)
  6 votes 12.0%

Midnight's Wild Passion
  5 votes 10.0%

Ashes in the Wind
  4 votes 8.0%

Lord of Scoundrels (Scoundrels, #3)
  4 votes 8.0%

Lady of Conquest
  2 votes 4.0%

Faithful (Faithful, #1)
  2 votes 4.0%

A Hearing Heart
  2 votes 4.0%

Silence in the Mist
  2 votes 4.0%

The Bride Hunt (Avon Historical Romance)
  1 vote 2.0%

50 total votes

Poll added by: Wendy F

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Aroma with Love How is Lord of Scoundrels #3 is in the list? I thought only a first book in a series is accepted!

message 2: by Wendy F (new)

Wendy F I let that one past because when I looked the series up on Goodreads it's noted as not being linked, that they can be read in any order.

Also, it was hard this time to look at every book. There were alot this time.

message 3: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Barton These all look good - only one that I have read is The Sherbrooke Bride - great story!

Tina "IRead2Escape" I am so wanting to read the Winter Sea. I hear it's fabulous. I am sure any of the choices will be good, though. I love this group!

message 5: by Wendy F (new)

Wendy F I love The Sherbooke Bride, Kathy!

It's just so hilarious and cute. It's one that I laugh in every time I read it.

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