Who do you think Selena would look best with?

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Anusha*Chicago-Style Pizza from Chicago!* Mod
Hey, why r the results hidden?

message 2: by Amir (new)

Amir she is the best.she doesn't need anyone

message 3: by Clint (new)

Clint Lewis Selena u should not go back not with to timer Bieber cause of him he did hurt u cheated u and made u to cry I will do never that to u besides he did betray u and I will never do that to u if I do remember correctly u don't want him to not contact u but u can with me and u did said that u loved me and trust me thats why I will do anything to marrying u to end our problems and live in harmony forever

message 4: by Clint (new)

Clint Lewis Selena Gomez u and I are meant to be together not with to timer Bieber after I do know that u are not back not with to timer Bieber cause of him of what he did to u like hurting u cheating u and he did betray u most of all he did made u to cry u did said that to timer Bieber should never contact u and I do agree with that it is your rights to turn against him to be blame him because that he found different girl than u I clint in personally will never do that to u cause of what u said to me on tweeter that u loved me and trusting in me it's all we need

message 5: by Clint (new)

Clint Lewis Selena Gomez 2013 Calendar no one cause of them they will hurt u cheating u and make u to cry I will never do that to u and I am not like them but u and I are human being with real feelings u Selena are a woman is always be right along with Clint Lewis should never get bullied from those men u Selena did earn my heart of respect and my trust is a gold

message 6: by Linney (new)

Linney selena look i really in am a true fan i think you shiuld just follow your heart and do whatever it tells you to do im really like and enjoy hearing your music and i want to tell you that there is something anout you that makesyou so pretty (ima girl) and im not trying to be mean but dont think that im sweet what i mean is that im not joking there is just someyone in your eyes your face that is so pretty your voice is awesome never quit singing no matter what anybody says do what you want i love you and i hope that you get this and that it touches your heart ☺️ all i want to do im my life the only wish i have is to see you selena gomez hope you read it !!!!!!

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