What should be our December pick?

Billette Hall by D.L. Jones
1858, A Slave auction goes wrong leaving a group of slaves displaced and traveling alone to Billette Hall. Led by a 15 yr old slave girl, they have to survive a 4 day trek in the woods, while unknowingly hunted by an axe wielding murderer.
  2 votes, 40.0%

Maxine Starr: Last Vanguard of the Zodiac by Kane W. Holder
After moving to Singapore following her father’s death, a teenage girl gets kidnapped by aliens and brought to an elite military academy in space. But when she discovers father founded the school, she gets dragged into an intergalactic conflict.
  1 vote, 20.0%

How to Remember by Cari Dubiel
2017: A woman tries to find out what happened to her during the year she lost her memory. 2016: A man tries to find out who killed his mother. They fell in love once, but she doesn’t remember it.
  1 vote, 20.0%

Lily Lo and the Wonton Maker by Frances Lee Hall
Ten-year-old Lily Lo is on a quest to deal with her Gung Gung and his old-fashioned Chinese ways, all while trying to find her place alongside her soccer teammates and friends
  1 vote, 20.0%

The VOX of SU’s SHELL by Shelley S. Mason
A scientist discovers an ancestral secret hidden deep within her genetics, after being the target of the dark web game, N-V Gate.
  0 votes, 0.0%

The Mountain by J. Steidle
A young girl meets her dad’s ghost.
  0 votes, 0.0%

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