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created Sep 20, 2017 08:44AM PDT poll #1
What are your feelings on Cursed Child, compared to how much of a Harry Potter fan you already were?

I haven't read Cursed Child, even though I really enjoyed the original books.
  18 votes, 35.3%

I haven't read Cursed Child because I was never a *huge* fan of the books.
  9 votes, 17.6%

I am the ultimate fan of Harry Potter, which is why I felt so betrayed by how *awful* Cursed Child was.
  6 votes, 11.8%

Harry Potter is fun, and I enjoyed having another story in this universe.
  6 votes, 11.8%

I like Harry Potter, but this story just didn't compare.
  6 votes, 11.8%

Harry Potter is too hyped up--when will Rowling just give it a rest?
  3 votes, 5.9%

I loved it just as much as the rest of the Harry Potter books--so, a lot!!
  2 votes, 3.9%

I thought it was just as bad as the other Harry Potter books.
  1 vote, 2.0%

Finally! A Harry Potter book I *actually* liked.
  0 votes, 0.0%

created May 09, 2009 12:13PM PDT poll #2
Which book or series did you loath, when everyone else raved about it?

  14 votes, 37.8%

Other one(s) I didn't mention
  9 votes, 24.3%

Pride and Prejudice
  4 votes, 10.8%

The Bridges of Madison County
  3 votes, 8.1%

The Davinci Code
  3 votes, 8.1%

  1 vote, 2.7%

Bridget Jones
  1 vote, 2.7%

Artemis Fowl
  1 vote, 2.7%

Lord of the Rings
  1 vote, 2.7%

Harry Potter
  0 votes, 0.0%

The Secret
  0 votes, 0.0%

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