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Uploaded by: Jennifer Steen

It's seventh grade. Uncomfortable at thirteen, Rain watches as her friends morph into 'hair-flinging gossip mines' and the pressure mounts to get 'girlie' using curling irons and make-up. Utterly sick of the table talk revolving around 'boys, boys...freaking boys everywhere...,' she privately wishes that men didn't make up half of the population, so maybe her friends would talk about something else. The only girl percussionist in her Middle School's history, she finds she's surprisingly good at something she shouldn't be, and overwhelmingly flawed at everything else. Then she's cornered with a crush that threatens to turn her into a 'boy-crazy priss' and chip her status as 'one of the guys.' At the climax, she overhears a conversation, back behind the soda machines, that seriously challenges her standards. In short, she learns who she is, what she wants, and that she doesn't like to dance.

Tags: drums, fiction, humor, love, romance, romantic-comedy, school, short-story, teen, tomboy, young-adult-fiction, young-adult-humor, and young-adult-romance

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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Steen This is my first ever short-story published...woohoo! Everyone come and check it out!

It was released by Books to Go Now and is available on Kindle, Nook, Android (I think) and PDF. Enjoy!

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