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  • China Workshop
  • The Fight of the Century
  • Norman Gill
  • The 2 Writers
  • Babes from PUNAHOU SCHOOL.
  • Practicing Yoga in Hong Kong.
  • MOLOKA'I NUI AHINA Book Party @ OCC.
  • Kirby Wright as a boy
  • Harold S. Wright, father of writer Kirby Wright
  • Kirby Wright punching out the School Bully.
  • Kirby Wright fighting at UCSD.
  • Kirby Wright in his College Days.
  • Kirby Wright at the Punahou Carnival 2010.
  • Mission Impossible skit during HOUDINI play.
  • HOUDINI, the play.
  • Kimmi, from the book MOLOKA'I NUI AHINA.
  • Kirby Wright in Outer Space
  • Kirby Wright's hotel in Jinan, China.
  • Kirby Wright lecturing in Zhuhai, China.
  • Poi Dogs by Kirby Wright
  • Kirby Wright, Hawaiian Writer vs. Shark
  • Kirby Wright vs. Samoan Crab
  • Kirby Wright: plumeria boy
  • Kirby Wright @ Mountain House, Molokai
  • Julia Gilman & Chip.
  • Kirby Wright @ Third Gate
  • Kirby Wright with Atsushi Shiitada.
  • Kirby Wright: Thorn between 2 roses?

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Still from the film PUNAHOU BLUES by Kirby Wright.

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