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  • Chapter 17 - The Kittens: Week 8 - The Mutiny
  • Chapter 19 - Of Godwinks, Ellen, & Afghans

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"So, for me, verging on 50 years old, I followed Ellen’s example and decided to pursue a dream of mine and write a book. I think most people had expected I would just write a short children’s story staring the kittens and some adorable little adventure, but for me, my instincts were telling me that I needed to share a story that really explored the very real core of being a cat – how they express feelings and emotions, not just with one another, but with the world at large. I felt whether you were a “cat person” or not, that the journey of the chronicle itself, is something we all can relate too in one way or another and I became convinced I needed to share my positive feelings. I was also beginning to learn some very valuable lessons from my feline friends and I was trying to learn to live my life through the minds eye they did, i.e., to “embrace the ordinary in life and dare to make it extraordinary.”

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