The Edge of Us (Crash and Burn, #2)
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Read between June 12 - June 21, 2019
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pump. I loved that men vomited when they got hit in the nuts. It was just a little extra gift after exploiting their greatest weakness.
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Everyone who said pain became easier with time had lied. You have no choice but to let it roll over you, strangle you, chew you up and spit you out, and then continue with life.
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I can eat alphabet soup and shit a more interesting conversation than this.”
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My heart was throwing punches at my rib cage,
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“Tolstoy is full of shit!” I slammed my beer on the table. “I haven’t forgiven you for years, and I feel just fine about it! Nothing changes when you forgive someone. You don’t feel better. It doesn’t erase what they did, and that fake high road is someone else’s standards, not mine. I don’t forgive you, I don’t forgive the bastard haji who threw the grenade that killed my husband, and I don’t forgive whoever created Pumpkin Spice Lattes. You can all go fuck yourselves.”
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“Peter. You keep hanging around here like you’re wanted. You’re like an STD with none of the fun.”
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“No man left behind?” Her cheeks glowed red. “You’re not a fellow Marine— you’re my boyfriend. It’s not duty. It’s not even loyalty; it’s just love.”
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“If you love me, you’re a coward! And if you don’t, you’re a liar!”
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That tendency was a big problem for me, because love in any capacity didn’t make sense. The beginning was perfect, the end was agony, and the middle was filled with expectations and disappointment that eventually paved the pathway to falling out of love. We could fall in love with someone, too much of something or not enough. Someone wrong for us or too much like us to get along. It was too delicate a balance, but love didn’t care. We fell without reason and basked in the light of it, only to become blind to why we fell in the first place. The flaw in it all was love made us insane, and ...more