The Fifth Science
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by Exurb1a
Read between September 04 - December 19, 2018
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Sweet Jesus, history is strange. When trying to see into the future, one always forgets that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. To every discovery, a parry. For every dove, a bullet.
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In all things, across all avenues, a choice must be made: whether to follow love, truth, or power. That choice will consume the chooser. If he follows only love then his wellbeing will be constantly at the mercy of another, though his highs will be sublime. If he follows truth then it will be a lonely journey, but potentially a noble one. If he should follow power though, not only will he come to know a desperate and revolting loneliness, but he will also never experience even a drop of satisfaction in anything.
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Hell isn't a fire pit but a museum of regrets.
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Sometimes He dispensed great wisdom and sometimes He told visitors to fuck off.  Often the latter was considered to be the former anyway. That is one of the perks of being a philosopher.
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If philosophers gave clear answers then surely the whole field would've died out with the Greeks.
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Inaction is the primary refuge of those who prefer their own constructed realities to the beautiful chaos of the real world.
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His pad vibrated. He took it out. It was a message from the janitor of their apartment building congratulating Adam and Jodie on taking such a nice photo of a dessert chocolate.
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“People who spend all their time taking photos will just remember taking photos. Souvenirs only make you think of buying them, don’t they.”
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All explanations are an attempt by humankind to divide itself from the world. An explanation without including the explainer is as a tree without the trunk. One is inseparable from the other. No system of knowledge can avoid this limitation. Numbers are not the true face of measure. Words are not the true description of things. The world is the explanation.
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Passion is the slip before the fall,
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Maybe you're thinking racing boxcars and drinking is a baseless existence, but to that I'd say: well, what's the purpose of your life then? Look deep enough into whatever it is you love, and you'll find the black nothing at the bottom too.