Wicked Whiskey Love (The Whiskeys: Dark Knights at Peaceful Harbor, #4)
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The man was a walking ovary explosion.
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Maggie Rose called ‘It’s You,’
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“I’m going to make you…so many ways, darlin’, you’ll come from across the room when you see me.”
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“Hey, sweet mama. How’s my girl this morning?” In a state of euphoria.
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“I never imagined being with a man like him.” “Hot?” Camille asked. “Yes, but no,” Sarah said. “Thoughtful and kind. A guy who thinks about me and my children before anything else. How about if you call him Dr. Dreamy? Because when I think of him, it’s not his looks that come to mind first. He makes me feel all melty, and I swear when he’s with my kids, there are no words to describe that feeling.”
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“What can’t my big, brawny boys handle on their own?” Bones nodded toward the bedroom, where Bullet and Bear had their arms full of presents. Red stifled a laugh. “Y’all look scared. What’d you do or break?” “One of us might have screwed up,” Bones said. “I bought presents for all four of the kids.” Bullet cleared his throat and said, “I only bought presents for Lila.” “And you?” she asked Bear. “I have no idea what we bought,” he said sheepishly.