Exit Strategy (The Murderbot Diaries, #4)
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Read between February 07 - February 07, 2019
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I was having an emotion, and I hate that. I’d rather have nice safe emotions about shows on the entertainment media; having them about things real-life humans said and did just led to stupid decisions
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Oh, yeah, this is bad.
Rhy Moore
Why doesn't bot ever free them. Showed how quick and easy bot could hack a governor module with the "sexbot."
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I told you the thing about SecUnits not being allowed to sit on human furniture while on or off duty. So the first thing I did when the crew led us through the lock and down the corridor to a passenger seating area was to sit down on the padded bench. (I’m not sure it made any impression on the humans. Humans don’t notice these things. But it felt good to me.)
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“So, you’re a SecUnit.” She made a half-shrug gesture I didn’t understand. “Is that … weird?” It was a complicated question with a simple answer. “Yes.”