The Dulwich Horror
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Read between October 21 - October 28, 2017
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What Sarah kept to herself was the incredible feeling that some of the subject matter of these ancient poets, mystics and philosophers resonated powerfully with the research that she surreptitiously snooped on, attending seminars on the latest advances in theoretical cosmology
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Ursula realised that each full phase of the moon corresponded not only with the usual facts of womanhood but with a profoundly cthonic and oceanic desire.
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just still just
Awkward repeat
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“Hello, mother!”, Ursula cried joyfully, apparently to no-one. Hello, daughter! came the wordless reply, from all around and from deep beneath her.
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They’d look at each other and smile over their ale, and sometimes look at Gary too and wink at him, who’d return a wink that was in effect the same as a blink.
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Damned but not god-forsaken, at least not today, she thought to herself with a grim smile.