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Pillow Talk with Colleen Hoover
Colleen Hoover Video
Joining us from her home office in Texas is master of sly wit and swoony characters, Colleen Hoover! The author talks turn-ons and dealbreakers and dishes on the handsome artist at the heart of her latest book, Confess.
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Q&A: Sylvain Reynard
Sylvain or David Gabriel's Inferno
We couldn't get him to reveal his true identity, but the mysterious author of Gabriel's Inferno does share his thoughts on sex, beauty, and redemption—plus an exclusive deleted scene from The Raven, book one of his smoldering new series.
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J.R. Ward
Author of The Shadows
The ShadowsJ.R. Ward
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Top 100 Romance Books
Top 100 Romance Books
Is your to-read shelf looking empty? Fill it up with the Top 100 Romance Books on Goodreads! From heartwarming romance to pulse-pounding erotica—they're all rated four stars and above! Did your favorites make the cut?
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Best Romance of the Month
by Samantha Young (Goodreads Author)
Alexa Holland is haunted by her father's misdeeds. In a quest for redemption, she becomes entangled with troubled tycoon Caine Carraway, who doesn't want to heal her but can't quite resist her.
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The Hooker and the Hermit
The Hooker and the Hermit
by L.H. Cosway and Penny Reid (Goodreads Authors)
Take one reclusive social media powerhouse, add one dirty-talking Irish rugby superstar (position: hooker) in need of image rehab, and shake with plenty of sarcasm and humor for this dual POV rom-com.
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Radio Silence
Radio Silence
by Alyssa Cole (Goodreads Author)
In a world suddenly devoid of modern conveniences, Arden takes refuge in her best friend's cabin and wrestles with feelings for her BFF's brother, who puts the hate in their hot love-hate relationship.
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Closer Than You Think
Closer Than You Think
by Karen Rose
On the run from a stalker, psychologist Faith Corcoran moves back to an old family house full of bad memories—and there may be a connection to sexy Detective Novak's search for a local serial killer.
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The Truth as He Knows It
The Truth as He Knows It
by A.M. Arthur (Goodreads Author)
Can Noel, a cop reluctant to come out in his small town, and Shane, a stripper with a boatload of troubles—some of them not exactly legal—turn their instant lust into something more lasting?
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Earls Just Want to Have Fun
Earls Just Want to Have Fun
by Shana Galen (Goodreads Author)
An investigator suspects that a beautiful young pickpocket named Marlowe just might be the long-missing Lady Elizabeth. While he cracks the case, she's under the watch of a rather alluring lord…
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Who wrote the oldest surviving valentine?
Margery Brews
Charles Duke of Orleans
St. Valentine
William Shakespeare
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Abbi Glines
Author of Fallen Too Far
Abbi GlinesFallen Too Far Cover
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Nalini Singh
Author of Archangel's Shadows
Archangel's Shadows CoverNalini Singh
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Classic Erotica for 50 Shades Fans
Fifty Shades Cover Fifty Shades Still
Need to keep yourself entertained while you wait for your Valentine's Day date with Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey? Dirty minds are hardly a modern phenomena—bone up on some retro kink with these five classic works of erotica! Click on each book cover to find out more.
Story of O Venus in Furs Fanny Hill The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty Emanuelle
Hot Line with Sylvia Day
Sylvia Day Premiere
The bestseller teases us with steamy lines from Premiere, the RWA's first anthology.
"His arms didn't come around her. His lips didn't touch hers. Only his fingers played over hers, his breath whispering against her cheek."
— Courtney Milan, "A Right Honorable Gentleman"
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