Authors Emma Donoghue, Stephen King, Barbara Ehrenreich, and tons of new books! Find your next great read! Authors Emma Donoghue, Stephen King, Barbara Ehrenreich, and tons of new books! Find your next great read!

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Emma Donoghue

The bestselling author of Room returns with a historical mystery, Frog Music, about the unsolved murder of trouser-wearing free spirit Jenny Bonnet in 1876 San Francisco.


Barbara Ehrenreich

She went undercover for her exposé, Nickel and Dimed, and now she lays her soul bare in Living with a Wild God, a personal account of her internal quest for the meaning of life.



Ayelet Waldman's Favorite Books About Lost Artifacts

Find what's lost in these recs from the author of Love and Treasure, about the looted heirlooms of WWII's Hungarian Gold Train.


Michael J. Sullivan's Favorite Science Fiction

Time travel to a perplexing future in his new adventure, Hollow World, and try his top five sci-fi reads. No DeLorean required!



Stephen King Talks with Karen Russell

Master of horror King talks shop with the author of Sleep Donation, the terrifying story of a deadly insomnia epidemic.



Yvette Manessis Corporon

Bake in the Mediterranean sun on an idyllic Greek island in When the Cypress Whispers, a romantic debut novel inspired by the author's tenacious and wise grandmother.



The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

by Gabrielle Zevin (Goodreads Author)

In this uplifting tale, an orphan is left in a foundering bookshop owned by cranky A.J. Fikry. All he wants is to drown his sorrows in drink as bankruptcy looms, but the arrival of a precocious little girl turns his life upside down.


Year of No Sugar

It seems impossible to avoid sugar nowadays, but determined mom Schaub pledged to stick to a yearlong diet of no added sugar—and roped in her husband and two kids! Her memoir relates their bumpy road to healthy eating.


The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

Harry is one of a select few who repeat their lifetimes over and over. Others of his kind, the Chronus Club, have agreed not to alter the course of history, but someone has broken the rules...with disastrous, world-ending consequences.


The Remedy

by Thomas Goetz (Goodreads Author)

Tuberculosis, the scourge of the Victorian era, was wildly contagious and woefully misunderstood. Scientist Robert Koch, who searched doggedly for a cure, and skeptic Arthur Conan Doyle clash in this nonfiction account.


The Intern's Handbook

by Shane Kuhn (Goodreads Author)

Your intern wants to kill you. The youthful employees of Human Resources, Inc. are actually trained assassins posing as interns to get close to their targets. Retiring at age 25, a shrewd intern plans one last hit in this black comedy.


Love Letters to the Dead

by Ava Dellaira (Goodreads Author)

Laurel fills her journal with letters to dead celebrities: Amy Winehouse, Heath Ledger, River Phoenix, anyone who died too young, like her sister. This epistolary novel for teens describes her transformative year after her sister's death.



The Uni Project

This nonprofit takes reading to the streets with pop-up reading rooms, placing 360-degree shelving units and benches in parks, plazas, and public spaces of all persuasions.



Want your words to reach millions of people? Goodreads and the ¡POETRY! group have partnered to host an ongoing poetry contest. Join the ¡POETRY! group and vote each month to pick a winner from among the finalists. You can also submit a poem for consideration. Here is our April winner!

even the stars have anemia

and the sun, come winter, waves feebly from a dim noon sky. Even a mountain
sags under the weight of its long haul through history, and a trail
through the woods blanches from foot traffic. Lizzie put on a brave face,
despite the cough that kept her up at night, coffee barely
denting her exhaustion. My friend the musician works so hard
her vocal cords strain against her throat when she whispers. I see them, taut
but tender, young soldiers forced into an early war. I don't know what keeps us
burning through our own reserves, insisting on performance long after
the curtain crumples to the stage. Even the stars have anemia, fading when
we look too close. Even rain evaporates. Even the moon turns its back.

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Arthur Miller's play The Crucible is about which historic event?

  1. the Crusades
  2. the Salem Witch Trials
  3. the Great Depression


Alice LaPlante
Author, A Circle of Wives
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