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Ruth Ozeki

The unlikely intersection of a suicidal Japanese teen and a curious novelist resonates in A Tale for the Time Being, a Goodreads Choice Finalist in Fiction.


Michael Moss

Are we addicted to food? The Goodreads Choice Finalist in Best Food & Cookbooks investigates the secrets of the processed food industry in Salt Sugar Fat.


Allie Brosh

Absurd but oh-so-true stories are told with expressive drawings in the hilarious Hyperbole and a Half, a Goodreads Choice Winner for Best Humor.



Announcing the 2013 Winners!

The readers have spoken! We have our winners in 20 categories after three hotly contested rounds and nearly 2 million votes cast! It's time to stack your to-read list with the best books of the year: View the full results to see all the champions and runners-up for Best Fiction, Romance, Memoir, Nonfiction, Mystery, Young Adult Fantasy, and more.

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Jennifer L. Armentrout's Favorite New Adult Romances

Get steamy with these recs from the author of Wait for You, a Goodreads Choice Finalist for Best Romance.


Billy Collins's Favorite Works of Poetry

The former poet laureate and Goodreads Choice Best Poetry Finalist for the collection Aimless Love offers his top five.


Susanna Kearsley's Favorite Historical Fantasies

Go back to a time when magic was real in these picks from the Goodreads Choice Best Fantasy Finalist for The Firebird.



James Whitfield Thomson

This first-time novelist at age 68 tells the story of love gone wrong in Lies You Wanted to Hear, a novel about a desperate divorced father who kidnaps his own children.



Morning Glory

by Sarah Jio (Goodreads Author)

Fleeing heartache in New York, Ada moves into a Seattle houseboat where she discovers a trunk belonging to a young bride who disappeared in 1959. She aims to solve this local mystery that her neighbors suspiciously refuse to discuss.


Elizabeth of York

The gentle Tudor queen lived through the blood feud of the War of the Roses and married Henry VII, a man with a lesser claim to the throne than herself. Historian Weir chronicles her quiet influence in this detailed biography.


The Lost Girls of Rome

This Italian noir thriller sets forensic photographer Sandra on a hazardous path as she investigates her husband's death. She meets an amnesiac priest on the hunt for a serial killer and learns of a shadowy Vatican sect.


The Ministry of Guidance Invites You to Not Stay

Grandson of an ayatollah and translator to presidents, Majd left Iran as a child. At age 50, with a blond American wife and infant son in tow, he returns to his homeland for a year to experience the eccentricities of modern Iranian life.


The Housemaid's Daughter

by Barbara Mutch (Goodreads Author)

Across racial boundaries, the complicated friendship between a South African maid and her Irish emigrant mistress is forged and tested over several decades, during and after apartheid, in this sweeping historical novel.


These Broken Stars

Marooned together on a deserted planet, heiress Lilac and war hero Tarver are the only two survivors of a space-liner crash in this sci-fi thriller for teens. They begin a trek to seek help and outlast harsh conditions.



Want your words to reach millions of people? Goodreads and the ¡POETRY! group have partnered to host an ongoing poetry contest. Join the ¡POETRY! group and vote each month to pick a winner from among the finalists. You can also submit a poem for consideration. Here is our December winner!

Living Too Long

by David Sloan (Goodreads Author)
Some nights I feel I've lived too long,
when the moon's a squint-eyed mute,

oak branches turn into fish bones,
and the wind's a whimper.

I hobble out to the shed, our old chicken
coop. How you'd loved those hens,

made the mistake of naming them—
Blackie, Maude, the rest. We never figured

out how the owl got in, but we learned
the cost of attachment. The path I cleared

through the woods is overgrown now,
so I lean against the maple in the yard.

How many more tattered moons
will seek me out? You embrace this waning,

but I can't find a way to love the less.
You said, "Yes, we lose leaves, but we gain sky."

I say, "Give me back my legs." Let me
scale this tree, turn panther, pounce

on an owl under a hatching moon,
pillow the night with a fury of feathers

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