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NEWS Jun 05
Several people have been clamoring lately to be able to search within their own bookshelves. Well we are happy to announce that now you can! And not only can you search your own books, but you... Read more
NEWS Jun 04
A bunch of new changes to the Goodreads Inbox! Now you can see your 'sent' and 'trashed' messages, as well as save your messages to the 'saved' folder. Lots of you have been requesting this, so... Read more
NEWS May 17
We just launched a daily digest email to make it easier to keep track of the conversation in the book discussion boards and the group discussion boards. The daily digest is a batched email that... Read more
NEWS May 15
We've noticed that one common question people have when checking out somebody else's bookshelves is "what books do we have in common?" And even more interesting than that - how did they rate them?... Read more
NEWS May 11
Do you ever notice some people seem to give every book 5 stars? Or that you yourself give lots of 3's but very few 2's? Well now you can see exactly how your ratings break down! Here is what we... Read more
NEWS May 11
I found a blog post about Goodreads today that inspired me to blog (slightly ironic, I know). On the blog, Chris Makarsky writes: "I don’t read anymore. I feel I should change this. 'Anymore'... Read more
NEWS May 08
Now you can read books that are available online on Goodreads! This only applies to books that are out of copyright, which mostly means any book first published before 1923. Project Gutenberg is a... Read more
NEWS May 02
We had a great time at the LA Times Festival of Books last weekend. We passed out several thousand booklets and bookmarks, and talked to hundreds of interested people - including many publishers... Read more
NEWS Apr 30
Several people had requested that we build an rss feed for whenever a person adds a book to their shelf. This would give another option for people to add what they are reading to their blogs --... Read more
NEWS Apr 27
Otis is at Coachella and I'm supposedly manning the site today. Although I’m sad I’m missing Bjork and Interpol, I'm excited to announce that Goodreads will have a booth at the Los Angeles Times... Read more