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NEWS Feb 28
According to an article launched on Reuters yesterday, US book publishers Random House and HarperCollins are letting users browse more than 5,000 titles online. They even made a widget!! You can... Read more
NEWS Feb 28
One of my favorite bloggers, Joel On Software, recently wrote a great post called Seven steps to remarkable customer service. If you run a website you should definitely read it. But the gist of it... Read more
NEWS Feb 19
Thanks to a very inspiring email from Goodreads member Alexandra (who is also a real Librarian), we've added a link to find books at your local library. This is going to be much cheaper than having... Read more
NEWS Feb 13
Now you can send other goodreads members messages. Just click "send message" from person's profile page! To check your messages, click on my messages from the homepage. Read more
NEWS Feb 13
Now you can discuss all intricacies of your favorite books in our brand new message boards. To find them, click the above link or click "discuss this book" from any book page. enjoy! Read more
NEWS Feb 05
I got tired of seeing the same top users yesterday, so I totally revamped the whole browse section. Although I must admit we have a new all-time top user as of yesterday: welcome Scott! What we... Read more
NEWS Jan 30
Just launched a new list in the browse section of the site: the most unpopular books among your friends. My friends seem to have hated something called Ahab's Wife, The Scarlet Letter, and... Read more
NEWS Jan 26
Since every other cool company out there seems to have a blog, and because it seems like a good way to communicate to our users, we've launched this spiffy new blog. On here you'll mostly see me... Read more
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