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NEWS Jan 14
Huzzah! This week we are reaching 100,000 authors in the Goodreads Author Program! When we started offering verified author pages five years ago, we never dreamed that one day our members would... Read more
NEWS Feb 25
What makes someone decide to read a particular book? Do people read on their cell phones? Is there really a "walled garden" or do people shop around for e-books? And how many readers actually want... Read more
NEWS Jun 14
It's no secret that discovery—how, when, and where readers "discover" the books they choose to buy and read—remains a top priority for everyone in publishing. Goodreads is uniquely positioned to... Read more
NEWS Feb 17
We've all fallen under the spell of a truly great book. But where did we originally hear about it? How did we come to choose that particular book from among the literally millions of books in the... Read more
NEWS Feb 10
Yesterday,'s Laura Miller posted an article lamenting the fact that fewer books by women are reviewed in the press than books by men, and that, furthermore, there are fewer female... Read more
NEWS Aug 20
A few weeks ago, something incredible happened to my friend Emily. She's the author of two novels, both published with a medium-sized publisher of some renown. They both got great reviews, and as... Read more
NEWS Aug 16
The First Reads giveaway program is growing more popular by the month. Since June 2008 (when we first launched the program), publishers and authors have given away 43540 books on Goodreads (and... Read more
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