Hugo 2016 Eligible Works

Creating this based on a list I found for last year. Quoting that one:

It's hard to keep track of all the science fiction and fantasy books published in one year. For those among us who nominate and vote for the Hugo Awards, I created this list. Let's add books and help each other remember especially the books that don't get a lot of buzz but may well deserve award recognition.

According to the Hugo Award FAQ, works are eligible if they were published in the calendar year preceding the year in which the vote takes place if published in the United States, and for the previous and current year if published in English outside the US. Works first published in languages other than English are also eligible in their first year of publication in English translation.

Works eligible for the 2016 Hugo Awards are either first published in the US or first published in English translation in 2015, or first published in 2014 in English in a country other than the US if it did not make the ballot in 2015..

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