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message 101: by Werner (new)

Werner Stephen, thanks for providing these numbers. Just now, I've deleted the last two, as well as four more books I discovered by non-Christian writers. Because Goodreads is very strict on insisting that books only be removed from lists if they objectively don't belong there (and because the creator of this list never stated her intended definition of "Christian fiction") I don't delete anything that I think could possibly be legitimate to include. (IMO, the jury is still out on books by Hemingway.) I still haven't located the Larsson book, though!

message 102: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Hayes Thanks for that. Perhaps someone else removed the Larsson book.

I don't think Christian fiction necessarily needs to be written by people who are self-consciously Christian, but to does need to deal explicitly with some or other aspect of the Christian faith, otherwise these lists are of little use. I've been looking at the lists a lot because I'm writing an encyclopedia article, and the lists are more useful if they stick to the stated categories.

message 103: by Werner (new)

Werner Stephen wrote: "...the lists are more useful if they stick to the stated categories." Amen to that, Stephen!

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