Presence by Peter M. SengeGood to Great by James C. CollinsTurning to One Another by Margaret J. WheatleyThe Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone ZanderPrimal Leadership by Daniel Goleman
13th out of 27 books — 6 voters
Acts of Faith by Eboo PatelDevil In the People's House by MasterBlogger1To the Survivors by Robert UttaroLight before dusk; a Russian Catholic in France, 1923-1941 by Hélène IswolskyForward Together by William J. Barber II
Faith and Public Life
24th out of 56 books — 5 voters

The Autobiography of Donald Trump's Hair by Donald Trump's HairAmerica's Original Sin by Jim WallisForward Together by William J. Barber IIThe Color of Christ by Paul               HarveyWas America Founded as a Christian Nation? by John Fea
Religion, Politics, and Elections
32nd out of 40 books — 7 voters

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