Good Minds Suggest—Mira Grant's Favorite Books About Creepy Crawlies!

Posted by Goodreads on October 1, 2013
Mira Grant gleefully admits she kept jars of caterpillars as a child, telling Goodreads, "I have lived my life in a glorious sea of worms, slimy things, leeches, and other such exciting denizens of the natural world." The horror writer, whose Goodreads Choice Award-winning Newsflesh Trilogy put a smart-edged political spin on the zombie apocalypse, now turns her attention to the study of pests, especially those that make the human body their home. Her new novel, Parasite, is the first in a series and imagines a near-future in which 83 percent of the human population has willingly become hosts to genetically engineered tapeworms that protect them from disease—but the worms have a plan of their own. Grant (an alias for urban fantasy writer Seanan McGuire, author of the October Daye and InCryptid series) offers her favorite books about creepy crawlies. Read with a cast-iron stomach!

Peeps by Scott Westerfeld
"This awesome vampire adventure is as much about parasitism as it is about blood-sucking. It's both educational and disgusting as well as an awesome story full of fascinating characters that nicely sets up the desire to learn more. Which leads us to..."

Parasite Rex by Carl Zimmer (Goodreads Author)
"This nonfiction journey through the real world of real parasites is as disturbing as it is fascinating. Not for the weak of stomach or the faint of heart, it may inspire the need to take lots and lots of really long baths."

Dreamcatcher by Stephen King
"This is ostensibly a book about friendship, growing up, growing apart, and alien invasion. But anyone who's read it knows that it's actually a book about horrifying extraterrestrial parasites that eventually explode out of your ass. One of King's grosser, more fascinating books in recent memory."

The Ruins by Scott B. Smith
"This is stretching the definition of 'creepy crawly' a bit, but plants that can move of their own accord are definitely creepy in my book, and they get unfortunately crawly at certain points. This is a book to read with the lights on. And maybe when someone else is in the house, so you're not reading it alone."

Starbridge by A.C. Crispin
"The first book in Crispin's Starbridge series introduced a lot of alien life-forms, including everything from sapient jellyfish to educated slime molds. She reimagined creepy crawlies in a way that made them people without ever making them human. If I had to live in a science fiction world, I would want it to be this one."

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message 1: by Nick (new)

Nick Seanan's knowledge of the creepy side of science is sometimes disturbing. Unless I'm mistaken, the premise is based on the very real phenomenon that certain kinds of hookworm infections can be pro-survival. I look forward to this one.

message 2: by Tria (new)

Tria Nick wrote: "Seanan's knowledge of the creepy side of science is sometimes disturbing."

You can say that again. However, I think she'd come out ahead in a parasite apocalypse, given that her cats can carry machetes around in their mouths and all that. Though I suppose having cats would be a mark against in the possible-sources-of-parasites column, with another mammalian species around that might be more amenable to hosting certain types than a human.

Damn it, I'm itching just thinking about it. This is one of Seanan's works I may well avoid, much though I love and wish to support my friend. Perhaps I can buy a copy to give to one of the people I know likes the same kind of squicky crawly stuff Seanan does. :) We have a few interests in common, but parasites, no. *hides*

message 3: by David (new)

David For A good classic about creepy, crawly plants, try The Day Of The Tryffids by John Wyndham.

message 4: by Tia Jah (new)

Tia Jah I recommend the book, Wicked Bugs: the Louse that Conquered Napoleon's Army & Other Diabolical Insects, by Amy Stewart for more on real creepy crawlies to make you squirm.

message 5: by Tria (new)

Tria David wrote: "For A good classic about creepy, crawly plants, try The Day Of The Tryffids by John Wyndham."

That's The Day of the Triffids, David - two Is, no Y ;)

message 6: by Rob (new)

Rob Balboni anybody know any more really frightful and disgusting reads about bugs any and all that will really get me thinking. the more disturbing the better!

message 7: by Maud (new)

Maud I would recommend Insomnia by J. R. Johansson, I really liked her book :)

message 8: by Andrea (new)

Andrea I read a book called Whispers when I was a teenager that made my skin crawl. To immediately recall it after thirty years says quite a bit!

message 9: by Megan (new)

Megan I loved "Maneater: And Other True Stories of a Life in Infectious Diseases" by Pamela Nagami M.D. She also wrote "The Woman with a Worm in Her Head: And Other True Stories of Infectious Disease" and "Bitten: True Medical Stories of Bites and Stings"
I also have read "This Is Your Brain On Parasites" by Kathleen McAuliffe. "Parasite Rex" by Carl Zimmer, and "The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance" by Laurie Garrett. 😉 Fun reading, let me tell you.
But actually, I enjoyed Dr. Nagami's books. Quite educational, without being overly dry and technical.

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