Interview with Carol Lynch Williams

April, 2012
Carol Lynch Williams

Quick Start

SS: How would you describe your life in only 8 words?

CW: Girly, angsty, somewhat-depressed, hilarious, more-angsty, sad, happy, daughters

SS: What is your motto or maxim?

CW: Treat people right and serve them.

What Readers want to know...

SS: How would you describe perfect happiness?

CW: Being with my daughters, all of us laughing, getting along, having something wonderful to eat, and something terrific to read. :) And we might watch

SS: What’s your greatest fear?

CW: The list is way too long. I probably have a thousand greatest fears. You don't have time to read all I'm scared of. But if you really want to know, you can email me.

SS: If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you choose to be?

CW: In a home that I own, with my family. I'd like two acres, thank you. Fruit trees and garden. A nice kitchen and a two fireplaces. And a huge office.

SS: With whom in history do you most identify?

CW: The nice people.

SS: Which living person do you most admire?

CW: My daughters . . . especially Kyra, who is typing this right now. They make me laugh.

SS: What are your most overused words or phrases?

CW: No! Please. I'm begging you. I'm just sayin'. Stop fighting. Put away your cell phone, now! I love you.

SS: What do you regret most?

CW: Wasted time. Or that I never made it as a country and western singer. Or that I didn't meet John Cusack when I was thin and beautiful. My life is full of regrets. Thanks for asking this question. Hmmmm.

SS: If you could acquire any talent, what would it be?

CW: I'd like to learn how to rollerblade. I don't have great balance. There's a whole bunch of stuff I wish I could do. I'd like to be able to stand on my hands without breaking my neck. I'd like to be able to jog, and enjoy it. I'd like to be able to cook and when I turned around the kitchen would be neat and clean. So I guess I wish i could do magic, too.

SS: What is your greatest achievement?

CW: My family.

SS: What’s your greatest flaw?

CW: My anxiety/depression. But I also think that helps me as a writer, so I can't really count it. But I'm going to . . . so there.

SS: What’s your best quality?

CW: I'd like to think I'm funny. My daughters say I'm a good mom {I hope that's true}.

SS: If you could be any person or thing, who or what would it be?

CW: Ew, no thank you. I'm staying where I am. I think too much for some of these questions. *note* See greatest flaw above.

SS: What trait is most noticeable about you?

CW: I'm a fantastic dancer, and I'm not just kidding.

SS: Who is your favorite fictional hero?

CW: I think Wolverine is very good looking.

SS: What is your biggest pet peeve?

CW: I hate weak writing.

SS: What is your favorite occupation, when you’re not writing?

CW: Eating . . . is that an occupation?

SS: What’s your fantasy profession?

CW: An actress (see Wolverine comment above). A model. The voice-over you hear in the grocery store ("Clean-up on aisle seven, Mark. Thank you!"). Sexy Librarian who gets to tell people about books and read but doesn't have to shelve anything. I'd also like to be the lady who holds all the new babies and gives them hugs and kisses after they are born {and cleaned off}.

SS: What 3 personal qualities are most important to you?

CW: Honesty, kindness, a good sense of humor  (and of course a terrific dancer)

SS: If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your days, what would it be?

CW: If I could only get one thing, it'd have to be the toffee in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Because after he ate that, it was all he craved. And I'm always craving good food, and I don't want to have to pick just one. The End.

SS: What are your 5 favorite songs?

CW: I love Elton John {Levon}, I think Lady Gaga Is very talented {Bad Romance}, I love classical {Lizst}, I've seen AFI live {Sing the Sorrow, the album. ps I didn't get squished at that concert}, Michael Jackson {EVERYTHING. I'm so sad he's gone.}

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