"In Bed" with Ernest Cline

Posted by Goodreads on August 1, 2011
Ernest Cline recently achieved geek nirvana when he bought his dream car, a 1982 DeLorean complete with Flux Capacitor. The '80s aficionado, screenwriter, and spoken word artist is best known for his 2009 film Fanboys, a cult hit among Star Wars devotees, but now he's entered the book world with his debut novel, Ready Player One. The work takes a dystopian look at the year 2044, when most people spend all their time in the OASIS, an online virtual reality. The whole world is hunting for an Easter egg hidden in the OASIS, and the first player to find it inherits a billionaire's fortune. The clues are locked in '80s pop culture, from games like Joust, Pac-Man, and Dungeons & Dragons, to TV and film like Monty Python, Blade Runner, and Silver Spoons. Cline shares five great books for geeks on vacation.

Nerd Do Well by Simon Pegg
"How did a nerdy Star Wars-obsessed kid in England grow up to be a big-time Hollywood movie star? In this fascinating, endlessly enjoyable memoir, Pegg recounts what it's like to be a geek who gradually has all of his geeky dreams come true. This book is loads of fun and a must-read for any Pegg fan."

Zombie Spaceship Wasteland by Patton Oswalt
"This is another of my favorite geek memoirs. In it one of the best comedians of my generation explains how suburbia, snow forts, crappy minimum wage jobs, crazy relatives, R.E.M., and Dungeons & Dragons transformed him into the brilliant über geek comic he is today. For bonus hilarity, buy the audio book, which is read by the author."

Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson (Goodreads Author)
"In the not-too-distant future, the machines we've created to serve us become self-aware and quickly set about destroying the entire human race. We fight back. Apocalyptic awesomeness ensues. This novel was written by a very smart dude with a Ph.D. in robotics, who also happens to be a great writer. And Stephen Spielberg is already working on the movie adaptation. I can't think of a more perfect book for a geek on vacation."

Memories of the Future: Volume 1 by Wil Wheaton (Goodreads Author)
"Geek legend and original Star Trek: The Next Generation cast member Wil Wheaton gives us a hysterical episode-by-episode account of what it was like to work on the first season of the show. Wil's writing is filled with geeky pop culture and gaming references and all sorts of cool insider trivia. I hope he continues this series to cover his entire time on the show because this book is full of epic win."

Replay by Ken Grimwood
"In 1987 (seven years before the film Groundhog Day was released), Ken Grimwood published this riveting novel about a man who dies of a heart attack and then wakes up in his college dorm room 25 years earlier. He discovers that he has the chance to live his life over again. And again. And again. And again. This is one of my favorite novels, and I recommend it to everyone, geek or not."

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