Lora Leigh Introduces Readers to the Brooding Modern-Day Cowboy

Posted by Goodreads on January 14, 2019

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Billionaires come with baggage. Rock stars are so high maintenance. Vampires might, well, suck your blood. For the smart lady looking for love, allow us to introduce an alternative: the contemporary cowboy.

Bestselling romance author Lora Leigh is an expert on this type of hero. In her new book, One Tough Cowboy, cowritten with Veronica Chadwick, she creates the perfect book boyfriend in ranch-hardened lawman Hunter Steele. He's chasing justice in his small town—while still finding time to protect his childhood sweetheart.

Sounds tempting, right? And these rugged gunslingers aren't from a more romantic yesteryear. This is the Wild West of the present.

"Hot, modern-day cowboy heroes. I love reading about them and writing them well," Leigh tells Goodreads. "Here are just a few of my favorites."

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"Diana Palmer has always been one of my favorite western romance authors. This series of hers doesn’t disappoint. It’s captivating and likely will end up being re-read."

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"This was a surprising find for me. The chemistry between the hero and heroine held me captive and kept me reading. I love a wild, dangerous hero and a determined heroine."

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"Another surprise book for me. The hero was just that bit out of the ordinary that I find so very appealing."

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"I devoured this book in one setting. I loved everything about the hero. This one is a definite reread."

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"Nora Roberts never disappoints, and this book is no exception."

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Patricia Hall Need prices. On a very fixed income

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Lisa Bushell Thanks for the recommendations.

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Joy Boutwell Thank you for the recommendations.

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Teresa Tencza Thanks

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Shirley Bennett Good recommendations and I am in complete agreement on most and see 2 authors I need to check out!!!

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Melvina Thanks for the recommendations:)

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Aղցela W. thank you

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Vicki Love the recommendations. Will be picking up your book. Is it going to be a series?

Have read quite a few of your books.

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Bren Looking into your recommendation thanks for the heads up

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Mary Thanks

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Isabel Luna Thanks!!! I love them all!!!

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Donna Repsher We have similar tastes, I've already read every book Diana Palmer has written, as well as Nora Roberts' Star series, and am a Sable Hunter too. Will be checking out the others that you recommended. Thanks so much!

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Toni Sims Thanks

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ALR Thanks for your recommendations. They are definitely something to consider

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Meghann Becker 🧡🧡

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Valerie Thank you

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Patty Byrne I will definitely check your recommendations

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Antoinette Thanks for sharing these recommendation😊

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Cegi Trejo Thank you

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Janelle Thank you

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Karen Thanks for the recommendations! Will be checking them out!

Chandini Sewpershad Hi! Huge fan. Read most of your books and my absolute favorite The Breads. Recently got my hands on a “short story” Creation..the first breads: Adam and Eve. What happened to them? Have not seen them mentioned in any of the others Breads books. The Leo according to the books seems to be the first one. A little bit confused and was wondering if you would clarify or explain. I also love the Nauti series.

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Tizah Thanks for the recommendation...

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Tizah Love the recommendation..

kittykat AKA Ms. Tortitude One Tough Cowboy (Moving Violations #1) by Lora Leigh is an expanded and revised version of Moving Violations (Law and Disorder, #1) by Lora Leigh . I preferred the original version with the cucumber scene!

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Jennifer Zermeno Thank you 😊
Have read and loved them all

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