Interview with Jamie McGuire

Posted by Goodreads on August 20, 2018
In a tiny Texas church bathroom, Darby Dixon's life falls apart. Moments away from marrying her abusive fiancé, she holds a positive pregnancy test in her hand—and faces a choice.

This isn't the end of a love story gone wrong; it's the beginning of something bigger. Jamie McGuire, bestselling author of Beautiful Disaster and Beautiful Oblivion, spins a tale of heartbreaking romance and reinvention in From Here to You, the first book in her new series, Crash and Burn. As Darby fights to create a good life for her baby, she escapes to Colorado, takes a job at a local hotel, and forms an unexpected bond with Scott "Trex" Trexler, a Marine with a dangerous past.

McGuire talked to us about what makes mysterious men so irresistible, how she researched Trex's top-secret military history, and why her longtime fans are in for a surprise or two.

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Goodreads: A brand-new series! What first inspired you to start Crash and Burn?

Jamie McGuire: I fell in love with the Alpine Hotshot Crew while I was writing the Maddox Brothers series, and I knew they had their own stories to tell. The series has taken a different direction than I first planned, but I think the readers are really going to love it.

GR: Pregnant runaway bride Darby isn't your average romance heroine. How did her tough, protective spirit shape this story?

JM: Darby isn't a damsel in distress. I love that because From Here to You begins with her leaving an abusive relationship. Women who've been hurt aren't victims, and Darby is no exception. She does things in her own time, and From Here to You is unique in that Trex is gung-ho for Darby from almost the beginning. Darby is the one who drags her feet. Her decisions mean more now.

GR: Everyone loves a man in a uniform. When creating Trex's top-secret military past and present, what helped you guide his journey and understand his worldview?

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JM: I have some amazing friends who were kind enough to let me ask all the hard questions. One of the most important things I learned was that once you're a Marine, you're always a Marine. There's no "ex" about it!

GR: And now a moment to reflect on irresistible men of mystery... Darby knows handsome Trex might be dangerous. Why do you think so many of us are drawn to what may or may not be good for us?

JM: Curiosity? Chemistry? That feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you feel there should be something more? I think it's just human nature. Trex's devotion to being a family certainly doesn't hurt his case, either.

GR: From Here to You is set in Colorado Springs, and you and your husband live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. How did that influence this love story?

JM: Well, my home state is Oklahoma, but Colorado could make anyone fall in love!

GR: Your beloved 2011 bestseller, Beautiful Disaster, is often cited as one of the early examples of the new adult genre. What makes a book "new adult" in your mind?

JM: To be honest, back then, I didn't even know Beautiful Disaster was considered new adult. That genre was so new.

To me, the new adult genre is about older teens and young twentysomethings experiencing firsts: first love, first sexual experiences, living on their own, etc. The characters are old enough to excuse stupid mistakes and old enough to make them.

GR: What are some of your favorite romances?

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JM: Anything by Jay Crownover, Meghan March, or Kristen Ashley.

GR: When did you first fall for romance books, as a reader and then as a writer?

JM: Probably as a reader after I read Twilight.

GR: What books are you dying to start reading?

JM: With my schedule and crazy home life, I'm lucky if I even get to read edits and emails these days! Jodi Ellen Malpas' new series looks really good, though. I've always been obsessed with the royals!

GR: What can readers look forward to in the Crash and Burn series?

JM: Action, angst, suspense, and a whole new group of characters to fall in love with. I also left a few Easter eggs throughout the series that I'm dying to see if my readers will find!

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message 1: by Pleasure (new)

Pleasure Your Shelf I would have liked to see Ms McGuire asked about her transphobic and islamaphobic twitter likes.

I really loved the Maddox Bros series, but I can no longer bring myself to support someone with such vile views.

message 2: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Diguiseppe I absolutely am a fan of this writer! Jamie’s books take you on a ride that brings regret when you get to the end....regret the journey has come to an end. She just gets better with every book.

message 3: by Edwin (new)

Edwin Knox I read Caraval and I was imediatly hoked, I cherished how I was never anticipating that what was should occur straightaway. You can truly consider Caraval to be your perusing this book, following Jullian, Scarlett, and Tella was astounding.

message 4: by Susan (new)

Susan Great article with excellent idea!Thank you for such a valuable article. I really appreciate for this great information..

message 5: by Shakira (new)

Shakira She’s a flaming racist and bigot.

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Abel Jamie McGuire is intersting person as well as this interview. Like his ideas.

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