A Life in Books: Elizabeth Hoyt

Posted by Goodreads on November 15, 2016
Duke of Pleasure
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Elizabeth Hoyt loves a simple "boy meets girl" story…as long as the boy and girl are holding some sort of weapon and all action takes place at least a couple of hundred years in the past.

True to form, the bestselling author of The Raven Prince and Scandalous Desires delivers both thrills and swoons in her new regency romance, Duke of Pleasure. Here the boy in question is Hugh Fitzroy, a duke and the king's personal spy; the girl is Alf, a cocky vigilante who dresses like a man to conceal her real identity. In other words, look elsewhere for a demure love interest, readers. This isn't a story of high society but of dark alleys and dangerous secrets.

Hoyt shares the books that inspired her plucky heroines, hooked her on historical settings ("Saxons! Normans! Guys with big swords!"), and made her fall for action-packed love stories.

What was the first romance book you ever read?
The Wolf and the Dove
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The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiwiss. I read it when I was 13. Saxons! Normans! Guys with big swords! I loved that book. ;-)

Hugh and Alf meet under thoroughly unconventional circumstances—she rescues him from a deadly London ambush. What's one of your favorite books with a similarly action-packed "meet cute"?
The Black Hawk
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Joanna Bourne's The Black Hawk opens with her spy heroine, Justine, being stabbed on a crowded and dangerous London street. She staggers into the arms of her frenemy: the spy hero, Hawker.

What historical romance do you never tire of reading?
In My Wildest Dreams
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Oh, so many! But since I have to pick just one, I'll go for Christina Dodd's In My Wildest Dreams. It's an absolutely delightful retelling of the movie Sabrina, complete with house party and grumpy hero. Just a lot of fun!

Duke of Pleasure has it all. What's the last book that made you fall for its dashing heroes and heroines?
The Trouble with Dukes
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I just read and enjoyed Grace Burrowes's The Trouble with Dukes. It features a gruff, battle-scarred Scottish hero and a plain, spectacle-wearing heroine in a beautiful and moving romance.

What romance book are you looking forward to reading next?
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I've heard great things about Joanna Shupe's The Knickerbocker Club series, which takes place in the Gilded Age in New York. I just downloaded Baron, which pairs a railroad baron hero with a charlatan medium heroine. Can't wait to start!

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message 1: by Tahyun (new)

Tahyun Thanks for the recommendations! Once I finish reading your new book, I'll take a whack at those ones! :D So excited~~~~~~

message 2: by CS (new)

CS King I see a few I want to read ;)

message 3: by Mary (new)

Mary You'll love Joanna Shupe series. I'm hooked!

message 4: by Carol (new)

Carol Bisig I can't wait to read Joanne Shupe's books myself!. Elizabeth is on automatic pre order. I am extremely excited about the new books!

message 5: by Sherry (new)

Sherry Guice I LOVED The Duke of Sin...look forward to another book by Elizabeth Hoyt...

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