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Posted by Goodreads on December 14, 2015
There are beaches, and then there are Abbi Glines's beaches. In 2012, the bestselling author introduced us to her version of sun, surf, and sizzle in Fallen Too Far, the irresistible romance that kicked off her Rosemary Beach series. Since then, readers haven't been able to get enough. How could they when every swoon-worthy entry features another twist on the perfect beach love story, soaked to perfection in angst and suspense and desire? Her latest book, The Best Goodbye, is the thirteenth in the series. This time around it's River "Captain" Kipling's chance at happily ever after. The notorious playboy wants to leave his sordid past behind, but he has one last job to finish before he can escape the world of organized crime. Too bad that job could ruin everything he wants to have with Rose, the beautiful single mom whose infectious laugh is just a little too familiar….

Read on as Glines answers your questions on what every romance needs, who should play Captain in the movie version of The Best Goodbye (hello, Thor!), and why her books need music.

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Naomi Bryce: Abbi, you write such amazing "bad" girls. They make me laugh out loud while I'm reading (which earns me strange looks from my husband). Is there a person in your life who inspires these awesome characters?
Yes. Me. Joking…. Well, a little. Most females have an inner bad side that they hide and tame. I write my "bad" girls without that filter that makes them acceptable to the world. It's fun and freeing at the same time.

Ellaine Patalinghug: What are the top three things you think every good romance book should have?
(1) A heroine with strength who's also easy to relate to. (2) Angst so thick my heart hurts and my chest aches. (3) That moment that I'll think about over and over again long after I close the book.

Amanda: When did you first know you wanted to become a writer? Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
When I was little, I was always running around making up stories. Or lies (as some people call them—ha!). My mother knew that I had something in me and gave me a notebook for my ninth birthday. From that point on, I was always writing stories, and thought that it would be the most fun if I could do it for a living. It wasn’t until later in life that I really gave writing a try. The first story I ever told…that’s a tough one. I think it was about a girl's big brother breaking her soccer trophy. It was a nail-biter!

Jen: I'm so, so excited to get my hands on The Best Goodbye! Captain's book is finally here! What was your favorite scene to write for Captain?
The moment he saw Franny and knew. He didn't know what he knew but he KNEW something was familiar. He felt it and that was intense.

Ryn:You write so many books every year, and you travel to signings all over the world. How do you balance it all and ensure you have enough time for your work, your family, and yourself?

I haven't figured this out yet. I'll get back to you once I do….

Kidding again (a little). I'm not perfect, nor do I have this all figured out. I overwork myself often and fight getting burned out. Most of the time I manage to make time for my life and my work, but sometimes my work has to be put aside so I can focus on the most important things: My kids.

Tatiana: You introduce a lot of new songs and artists in your books, so I was wondering about the importance of music in your life and in your work. Has a song ever inspired you to write a story?
I couldn't write without music. I can think of one song for each book that inspired a scene in that book. While It Lasts all blossomed from my imagination running wild after a country song I heard on the radio in my car one day. Hold On Tight was the same. Music moves and inspires me like nothing else.

Jordan: I'm an aspiring writer, and I'm so inspired by your books. Any tips for those hoping to follow in your footsteps?
Definitely write because you love it, not because you’re looking for fame. Believe in yourself. And write a little bit every day. It’s gotten harder for me to do that, but it’s valiant to try!

Bebe: I love your books!!! If you were casting the movie adaptation of The Best Goodbye, which actor and actress would you like to see playing the main characters?
Thank you for reading :) This is always hard to do, but here goes: Captain would be played by Chris Hemsworth. Addy/Rose would be played by Emma Stone. Franny would be played by Alyvia Alyn Lind.

Tara: I'm such a huge fan of your work—I recommend your books all the time! I just love them! One thing I'm curious about: Do you ever plan to venture back into the paranormal world? Or are there any other genres you're eager to break into?
When the world is ready for paranormal again, I look forward to returning. Just waiting it out. I love reading and writing in romance in general. So any story I can write and weave an angst-ridden, throat-clogging romance into…I'm in.

Stupidlamb71: With all the fun-loving and sexy characters you've written about, which character best describes you?
Blaire is me. She is the only character I wrote to resemble my personality in every way. ;)

Isis Dawn: Is there an actual community of gorgeous, rich humans living in Rosemary Beach that you based your books on? Because if so, I'm catching the first flight out!!
I haven't found them yet! If I find this to be true, then I'll alert the media—and real estate will soar.

Verity: If you weren't a fabulous novelist, what do you think you would be doing for a living?
I would be teaching literature. I love the written word and have since I was a child. I'd need to be near reading in some way. It's a part of my soul.

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message 1: by Traci (new)

Traci Bagley The characters are exciting to read. Once I think that you made Captain boring,you surprise us by making him exciting. The Best Goodbyes, blew me away especially when Blair's knew all along about Captain's secret. How do come up with these ideas? I also hear you are making another book this time about the villain/sister Nanette. I can't wait to read that!! I have to know where the ideas are.

message 2: by Sonya (new)

Sonya I am from AL & familiar with the beaches in your books. When I found your books, I was overjoyed!!! An Alabama Author (unusual), writing about Alabama & the South in a good way (highly unusual). Thank you so much for making me feel great when reading your books. I listen to them on audiobooks & when my family's at home & im working on my "Brooch Wedding Bouquets", they have to touch me to get my attention. They just shake their heads. You mentioned SUMMIT, Alabama, in a couple of books. Did you ever live there? Did you attend Pennington High School? My mothers family is from Summit originally. Do you know any of the Moody's that are from that area? There are a lot of them & are all ages. I told my family about your books & they were excited too.
Please keep writing about the South. I love your books. If you are Blair, your my hero. She's my favorite character. Sadie is another favorite because I've seen this situation happen to kids I've taught. Please, Please write another book about Jax & Sadie & their life & wedding. We've just got to hear all about their wedding. Loved the other weddings you've already written about. Can't wait to read the book about Nan. Thank you for signing books. Did you know the book stores in Alabama have a limited number of books? It's because they sell out quickly. Since I buy audiobooks, when you said you would sign books I started looking for 2 of my favorites to buy & send. Everyone said they could order your books but they were just out right now or out of the 2 I wanted. So keep writing!! Can't wait to see what comes next!! Sonya Franklin, a huge fan!Abbi Glines

message 3: by Ajit (new)

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message 4: by Julia (new)

Julia I absolutely love your books so much! I reread them when I get stressed out or sad when I need a pick me up because it makes me feel empowered to write my own stories and that I have purpose in my life. Thank you for sharing your stories :)

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