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Posted by Goodreads on November 17, 2015
Bad boys don't fool Gena Showalter. The bestselling author knows that the most irascible and aloof heroes have something to lose, even if it's only their hearts. Immortal warriors aren't exempt (just pick up one of her beloved Lords of the Underworld books), and neither are angels (hello, sultry Angels of the Dark). The Harder You Fall, the new book in her Original Heartbreakers series, gives us a twist on the old-fashioned bad boy. Lincoln West has the millionaire's bank account and the rugged good looks, but he also has an unusual rule: one relationship per year, lasting no more than two months. Of course, he did make the rule before he met gorgeous reformed party girl Jessie Kay Dillon… When the two collide, the love-hate sparks fly—and West finds himself finally doubting his strike on happily ever after.

Read on as Showalter answers your questions about the first love story she ever wrote (aliens may have been involved), book crushes, and the fictional character she wouldn't mind trading lives with for a day.

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Aubrey: You are such a pro at making us fall for bad boys. What do you think makes a bad boy so irresistible? And more importantly, where can I find one in real life like the ones in your Original Heartbreakers series?
I love the idea of being the only woman in creation capable of taming the bad boy with a heart of gold. Well, gold for that special woman—rust for everyone else. And that's what I give my heroines: the chance to win the guy no one else can win. Those bad boys are tough yet damaged, determined—no obstacle will keep them from getting what they want. They are willing to die for the one they love. Melt my heart! To me, giving is the truest expression of love.

If ever I find a town filled with sexy bad boys who are waiting for that one special woman, I'll be sure to tell the world. Actually, no. That's a lie. I will keep the secret to my grave. Gimme! But for now, you should take a visit to Strawberry Valley and meet Lincoln West in The Harder You Fall!

Gabriela: When you're not working on your next story, what types of books do you like to read? Any recommendations for your readers?
Lately I've read paranormal romances, contemporary romances, and young adult romances. I'm a huge fan of Jill Monroe, Kresley Cole, Roxanne St. Claire, PC and Kristin Cast, Karen Marie Moning, JR Ward, Nalini Singh, Jeaniene Frost, Kady Cross, Amy Lukavics, Wendy Higgins, Sophie Jordan, Beth Kendrick, Lily Everett, Kristen Painter, Katie McGarry, and so many others! I was a reader before I was a writer, and I'll always be a fan.

Cherry: Who was your first book crush? Who's your book crush now?
My first book crush was Derek Sinclair from Silver Angel by Johanna Lindsey. And right now I'm crushing hard on…every hero Kresley Cole has ever written. If her guys were real, I would have a man-harem, and I would not be sorry.

Jen: You are such a prolific writer, and I love everything of yours that I've read! Is there one subgenre you enjoy more or find easier to write than others?
For me, it's never been the genre that has made a book difficult or easy to write but the characters. Like real people, they can be stubborn and cranky and even resistant to love. (I'm talking to you, Paris.)

Danielle: How old were you when you wrote your first story? What was it about?
I wrote scenes in junior high and high school but wrote my first full-length story in my early twenties. I called it Heaven's Fury. A futuristic time travel about a modern woman whose young daughter is abducted by aliens, and only the alien king can save the girl. But the cold, unfeeling male with a beauty unlike any the heroine has seen before must first learn the value of love.

I have a binder with the printed pages…somewhere. I should burn them. The book SUCKS.

Emily: If you could be a character in one of your books, which book would you choose? What would your character arc be like?
I would love to say I'd pick one of the Harpies from the Lords of the Underworld series—so powerful!—but my actual choice would be Gilly (from the same series). Being the sole focus of William's attention…the one he fights for…the one he's willing to die for…the only woman able to tame him. Yes, please! You can read all about her and William in The Darkest Torment, coming May 31, 2016. Oh! Oh! I may change my answer to Ten from Firstlife, a new young adult novel I have coming out February 23, 2016. Yes, she's tortured while living in an asylum, but she wins the heart of Killian, one of my favorite characters ever.

Gail: Your White Rabbit series is so inspired! When did you first think to mix Alice in Wonderland with zombies? What other classic tales do you think could use a little undead update?
I had the title—Alice in Wonderland—before I had the story. After that, it was just a matter of deciding which details to take from the classic and twist to make my own. Such as Ali's curiosity, the pool of tears, and the rabbit hole that, in my book, is a pit of grief and despair.

As for other classic tales, I'm currently working on The Darkest Torment. When boiled down to the nuts and bolts, the story is a Beauty and the Beast retelling. My favorite!

Jessica: What question do you never (or only rarely) hear that you would love to get asked? What would your answer be?
You know, I've been asked every question you can imagine. How much money I make, what inspires my love scenes, if I write trash, and once a woman even emailed to ask if I'm bipolar. I like the good old-fashioned classics: What inspired this story? (Anything from a dream to a scripture.) Do you like chocolate? (Yes!) Is your nickname really That Crazy Dog Lady? (Yes!)

Zofia: I've read all your books for years—and I've got my 22-year-old son hooked on them, too! How long does it take for you to write these brilliant novels? Have any techniques to share for busting writer's block?
I usually write the rough draft in about three months. After that, it goes to my editor. She will have revisions for me (suggested changes), and some are massive while others are light. Revisions can take anywhere from two to four weeks. After that, my editor will have line edits for me. Line edits take about two weeks. So all together, from the time I start writing the book to the time it appears on the shelves, it takes about a year.

And don't hate me for this, but I've never experienced writer's block. Anytime I get stuck, I go for a walk and the answer hits me. Always!

Caitlin: I can't wait for the next Lords of the Underworld book! If you had the opportunity to open Pandora's box, like the warriors in your Lords of the Underworld series, would you do it? What do you think you would find inside?
Dude. I'd give the box a good, swift kick. Probably stomp on it. Definitely bury it. I want nothing to do with whatever is inside. LOL. Wait. I just remembered—the Morning Star! If the Lords of the Underworld are right and the Morning Star is still inside, yes, I'd open the box in a hurry.

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