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  • You’ll find the “Open Preview” button on the page of any book that has a Kindle edition. Click on the “Open Preview” button and a sample of the book will open up inside Goodreads, using the Kindle Cloud Reader. This is available for members in the US only.

    Click on the “Open Preview” button and a sample of the book will open up inside Goodreads. If you like what you see, you can add the title to your Goodreads “Want to Read” shelf.

    Preview is currently available for our members in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, and India.

  • The "Preview" button will only appear for books that have an associated Kindle edition and an available sample. Try looking at the Kindle edition to see if the button appears. Here's how:

    1. Navigate to the book's page.

    2. To the right of the "Want to Read" button, you should see a small link that says "more details." Click that to open up the editions pane.

    3. You should now see other editions of the book. Click on "all editions."

    4. You're now on the Editions page. Find the Kindle edition and click on the title to view the Kindle edition's page.

    You should now see the Kindle edition of the book. If a sample is available, the "Open Preview" button will appear on this page. Simply click that to check out the book. If a sample isn't available, no button will appear.

  • We are primarily a book review and recommendations site. However, many books on the site do have samples available in our Preview feature. The Preview button will show up on any book that has a Kindle edition. Simply click the button to read a sample of the book.

    We also have a small selection of readable ebooks. If a book is readable, you'll see a green "read ebook" button below the cover image. Just click on that to start reading!

    You can find a list of all the free readable ebooks here.

  • The Goodreads Preview feature is powered by the Kindle Cloud Reader. For Preview to show up on your book, you must have a sample available on Amazon. If you'd like assistance with this, please contact Amazon support.

  • The Preview button will appear on all books that have an associated Kindle edition. Some hardcover or paperback books may be associated with a Kindle book in our database, which means that we're reasonably confident the text of the book is the same. In those cases, we show the "Open Preview" button on the physical edition of the book for your convenience.

    However, there are still cases where only the Kindle edition of a particular book will have the "Open Preview" button available on the book page. If you're really interested in previewing a particular book, we would suggest always checking the Kindle edition's page before concluding that there isn't a sample for that book available. Here's how.

  • We’re no longer supporting the purchase of EPUB/PDF files of books on Goodreads. Members can download their previously purchased EPUB/PDF files by visiting the Purchases tab in their Account Settings. You can continue to acquire books from retailers and libraries via the links on book pages on Goodreads.

  • You can access EPUB/PDF files of books you’ve purchased by visiting the Purchases tab in your Account Settings. Just click on “download” next to the file you’d like to download.

  • We’re no longer supporting the addition of new EPUB/PDF files of books to Goodreads, or the sale of EPUB/PDF files on Goodreads. Our product teams review which features our members interact with the most so we can ensure we’re dedicating resources to the right areas. Although we have no immediate plans to remove EPUB/PDF files entirely, we recommend exploring other features to promote your books on the site. Some options include giveaways, Ask the Author, and connecting your blog.