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Q&A with Sherry Gammon
Q&A with Sherry Gammon — 45 members — Last Activity Oct 23, 2016 07:14PM
Goodreads AuthorsYoung Adult
...August 06, 2011 to September 05, 2011...

Q&A with Susane Colasanti
Q&A with Susane Colasanti — 211 members — Last Activity Mar 26, 2015 07:55AM
Goodreads AuthorsYoung Adult
My sixth teen novel, KEEP HOLDING ON, comes out on May 31. To celebrate, I'll be stopping by to chat with you from May 16 to June 8. Good times.

Q&A with Shelly Crane
Q&A with Shelly Crane — 103 members — Last Activity Nov 02, 2014 12:13PM
Goodreads AuthorsYoung Adult
A place to ask all your questions or post blurbs, blurts, Hey There's, Say What's, book chats, book suggestions, When - Where - Who - Why - How, favor ...more

Kissed By An Angel Series
Kissed By An Angel Series — 4 members — Last Activity Jun 08, 2014 09:00AM
Books & LiteratureRomance
A place to discuss the young romantic Kissed By An Angel Series. This group covers all of them:

1. Kissed By An Angel, the Power of Love, Soulmates (th

Q & A with Karen Amanda Hooper
Q & A with Karen Amanda Hooper — 85 members — Last Activity Mar 25, 2014 03:06PM
Goodreads AuthorsYoung Adult
This is Karen's happy place, where she can interact with readers and writers and discuss readerly and writerly things. Feel free to ask questions abou ...more

Ask K.D. Carrillo
Ask K.D. Carrillo — 3 members — Last Activity Aug 07, 2013 09:41AM
Goodreads AuthorsRomance
...May 15, 2013 to June 15, 2013...

Joyce Keller's Friends
Joyce Keller's Friends — 2 members — Last Activity Jun 21, 2012 12:33AM
Goodreads AuthorsReligion & Spirituality
My best-selling books are "Calling All Angels," "Seven Steps to Heaven, How to Communicate with our Departed Loved Ones," & "The Complete Book of ...more

Q&A with Author - Katherine Owen
Q&A with Author - Katherine Owen — 4 members — Last Activity Jan 11, 2012 08:58AM
Goodreads AuthorsLiterature & Fiction
Open Forum about Katherine Owen's novels. Warning: Spoilers ahead. Read the books before entering the discussion.

Q&A with Susane Colasanti
Q&A with Susane Colasanti — 126 members — Last Activity May 23, 2011 05:20AM
Goodreads AuthorsYoung Adult
Susane's fifth book, SO MUCH CLOSER, comes out on May 3. To celebrate, she will be stopping by for some Coffee Talk from April 25, 2011 to May 23, 201 ...more

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