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Goodreads Authors/Readers
Goodreads Authors/Readers — 28037 members — Last Activity 1 hour, 47 min ago
Goodreads AuthorsGeneral
This group is dedicated to connecting readers with Goodreads authors. It is divided by genres, and includes folders for writing resources, book websit ...more

Indie Authors Monthly Magazine For Authors and Readers
Indie Authors Monthly Magazine For Authors and Readers — 4878 members — Last Activity 1 hour, 48 min ago
Books & LiteratureGeneral
This Is A Group for Readers,Writers and Reviewers of All Different Genres.
Let US Take Your Book To New Heights!
Our Goals Are To Help Promote Authors,

C.D. Canaries
C.D. Canaries — 1881 members — Last Activity 3 hours, 51 min ago
Books & LiteratureRomance
Submission of the Body. Dominance of the Mind. Corruption of the Soul. All on the Road to Perdition......A Fan Group Tribute to the Collected Works of ...more

Genre Specific Review Groups
Genre Specific Review Groups — 1336 members — Last Activity 4 hours, 16 min ago
Goodreads AuthorsProfessional & Technical
Following the example of fellow Goodreads group, "Review Group", this group believes support for our Indie authors is extremely important. Many of the ...more

Blogger Lift
Blogger Lift — 4085 members — Last Activity 4 hours, 43 min ago
Entertainment & ArtsOnline Media
Welcome to Blogger Lift, the largest community of Bloggers on Goodreads. Want a little lift for your blog? You have come to the right place.

Meet Blogg

Underground Knowledge — A discussion group
Underground Knowledge — A discussion group — 7571 members — Last Activity 5 hours, 49 min ago
Books & LiteratureGeneral
This global discussion group has been designed to encourage debates about important and underreported issues of our era. All you need is an enquiring ...more

Blazing Readers & Wordy Writers
Blazing Readers & Wordy Writers — 373 members — Last Activity 7 hours, 26 min ago
Friends & Common InterestActivities
Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this! Here at BR & WW, we have group reads once a month and have monthly writing competitions. Yo ...more

Pakistani Readers
Pakistani Readers — 2257 members — Last Activity 9 hours, 8 min ago
For Pakistani Readers, authors and every one who like books.

Books & Coffee
Books & Coffee — 563 members — Last Activity 10 hours, 5 min ago
Books & LiteratureGeneral
Welcome to our group!

This group is for everyone. We have monthly reads, games and challenges, general discussions and a special corner for authors. I

Read 4 Review
Read 4 Review — 1785 members — Last Activity 13 hours, 7 min ago
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
This Read 4 Review group was created to connect reviewers with available ebooks for review. We welcome all readers, writers & reviewers!

My review

Some Like It Hot!
Some Like It Hot! — 6590 members — Last Activity 13 hours, 10 min ago
Books & LiteratureRomance
Welcome to Some Like It Hot!, a group for those of us who love to read and write romantic fiction.

This group is a safe environment, where readers can

Authors & Reviewers
Authors & Reviewers — 3557 members — Last Activity 18 hours, 24 min ago
Books & LiteratureGeneral
A&R is about helping authors promote their books. If you are a reviewer or a blogger, and you don't mind writing a honest review, then come and jo ...more

Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick’s Readers
Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick’s Readers — 19 members — Last Activity 18 hours, 32 min ago
Books & LiteratureGeneral
This is a group of special people who enjoy keeping up with the writings of Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick. Be the first to learn about upcoming books an ...more

Writers and Readers
Writers and Readers — 2563 members — Last Activity 18 hours, 52 min ago
Books & LiteratureGeneral
A group for writers and readers to meet and discuss books and the writing process. The group allows promotion of books, but please post in the designa ...more

Connecting Readers and Writers
Connecting Readers and Writers — 3638 members — Last Activity 19 hours, 1 min ago
Goodreads AuthorsGeneral
We connect adventurous readers with Indie Authors.

This group is about connecting writers with readers in a way that has not been done on Goodreads bef

Australian YA Bloggers & Readers
Australian YA Bloggers & Readers — 657 members — Last Activity 21 hours, 58 min ago
Books & LiteratureYoung Adult
A group for Australian & New Zealand YA bloggers & readers to connect, network and share their blogs, reviews and recommendations. If you revi ...more

MetroBkChat — 7 members — Last Activity 22 hours, 15 min ago
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
The monthly book discussing the topics, writing and story of the book picked each month, by the Metro Newspaper.

Christian Book Reviews
Christian Book Reviews — 426 members — Last Activity Jan 22, 2018 05:22PM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
This group is created to help Christian authors get more reviews on their books. Also, if you're an avid reader who would enjoy getting a free book in ...more

Romance Readers Rendezvous
Romance Readers Rendezvous — 1129 members — Last Activity Jan 19, 2018 07:19AM
Books & LiteratureRomance
Romance Authors and Readers Rendezvous! Talk about the books you're reading, the books you've written, and the books you're writing.

There are so many

The Reading Challenge Group-2018
The Reading Challenge Group-2018 — 22 members — Last Activity Jan 19, 2018 06:16AM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
Our group is a forum where readers can come together and talk about books and the reading experience. We will do reading challenges, group reads, and ...more

Kindle Deals
Kindle Deals — 1115 members — Last Activity Jan 17, 2018 09:51AM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
Authors post your kindle book here when it is on sale 40% off or more!
Readers enjoy all the great deals!

It Just Gets Stranger Book Club
It Just Gets Stranger Book Club — 88 members — Last Activity Jan 15, 2018 01:58PM
Just for FunInside Jokes
A quiet place on the internet for Strangers to read and discuss books together.

Truly Inspired Books
Truly Inspired Books — 39 members — Last Activity Jan 11, 2018 11:46AM
Goodreads AuthorsReligion & Spirituality
This group is for Christian authors and Christian Readers! Anyone who has a heart for God and an appetite for books are welcome!

Book Lovers
Book Lovers — 9 members — Last Activity Jan 10, 2018 11:36PM
Books & LiteratureYoung Adult
This is a place for all SUPER book lovers! We're looking for people who want to share favorite books and other things like that. Join right now!

Anything Goes Book Reviewers
Anything Goes Book Reviewers — 370 members — Last Activity Dec 16, 2017 09:49PM
Just for FunFan Clubs
We are the readers who love all genres. We are the readers who want you to know our thoughts on all books that we read. We are the Anything Goes Book ...more

Pages! — 1 member — Last Activity Dec 15, 2017 11:31PM
Just for FunTotally Pointless
Let's keep track of the books we have read and the total of pages!

Authors and Assistants
Authors and Assistants — 50 members — Last Activity Dec 05, 2017 07:32AM
This group is designed for Authors to get help from outside sources. Editors, Proofreaders, Beta Readers, Writing Buddies, etc. We are here to help yo ...more

El Book Group
El Book Group — 2 members — Last Activity Nov 04, 2017 11:35AM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
Our mission is to go beyond advertisement influence on the book world and to go through books based on their contents and creativity.

Central Arkansas Book Club
Central Arkansas Book Club — 2 members — Last Activity Oct 28, 2017 10:00PM
A group for readers, writers, and book bloggers in Central Arkansas of all genres. (All Arkansans are welcome, too. This is affiliated with our Facebo ...more

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