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Underground Knowledge — A discussion group
Underground Knowledge — A discussion group — 6953 members — Last Activity 20 minutes ago
Books & LiteratureGeneral
This global discussion group has been designed to encourage debates about important and underreported issues of our era. All you need is an enquiring ...more

NetGalley Readers
NetGalley Readers — 1459 members — Last Activity 22 minutes ago
This is a group for those who participate in to discuss the books that they have been reading from the website.

New Booktubers & Bloggers
New Booktubers & Bloggers — 558 members — Last Activity 31 minutes ago
Just for FunFan Clubs
This is a place for new booktubers and bloggers to read books together. Also share books that they like. Not only that but their blog/youtube shared s ...more

Readers That Love Giveaways, Ebook Deals, and Free Books!
Readers That Love Giveaways, Ebook Deals, and Free Books! — 1986 members — Last Activity 42 minutes ago
Books & LiteratureGeneral
This group is for readers, bloggers, & book lovers who enjoy entering giveaways, sweepstakes, and finding freebies! Hosted by Fire & Ice Book ...more

C.D. Canaries
C.D. Canaries — 1882 members — Last Activity 1 hour, 18 min ago
Books & LiteratureRomance
Submission of the Body. Dominance of the Mind. Corruption of the Soul. All on the Road to Perdition......A Fan Group Tribute to the Collected Works of ...more

Retro Chapter Chicks
Retro Chapter Chicks — 511 members — Last Activity 2 hours, 5 min ago
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
Image result for fall reading gif
We're a group of ladies from far and wide that love history. We read and discuss fantastic books relating to history from the classics to historical f

Making Connections
Making Connections — 11441 members — Last Activity 4 hours, 30 min ago
Books & LiteratureGeneral
Over 1000 books listed to Read & Review.....come join us. This is a place for Authors, Bloggers, Publishers, Reviewers, Book Tours, Giveaways, and ...more

BookGobbler Readers and Reviewers
BookGobbler Readers and Reviewers — 33 members — Last Activity 10 hours, 23 min ago
Books & LiteratureGeneral
This is a group for readers who are registered to, to discuss the books that they have been reading from the website. Not a member for ...more

Blogger Lift
Blogger Lift — 4081 members — Last Activity 20 hours, 22 min ago
Entertainment & ArtsOnline Media
Welcome to Blogger Lift, the largest community of Bloggers on Goodreads. Want a little lift for your blog? You have come to the right place.

Meet Blogg

Silent World — A discussion group
Silent World — A discussion group — 317 members — Last Activity Nov 20, 2017 07:00PM
Friends & Common InterestBeliefs & Causes
A place to discuss all the unique aspects of Deaf culture as highlighted in the soon-to-be published book Silent Fear (A novel inspired by true crimes ...more

Bloggers/Book Lovers from India
Bloggers/Book Lovers from India — 1915 members — Last Activity Nov 20, 2017 07:47AM
A place for bloggers, readers and writers from India to connect. If you are outside India, and interested in books and Indian culture, please feel fre ...more

NetGalley Addicts Support Group
NetGalley Addicts Support Group — 656 members — Last Activity Nov 19, 2017 06:06PM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
Warnning, if you are not already a NetGalley addict, you will soon become one by joining this group. Proceed with caution!

Do you find yourself browsin

Bookish Bloggers
Bookish Bloggers — 51 members — Last Activity Nov 17, 2017 02:42PM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
This is a supportive group for book bloggers where we share our latest book posts, discuss books and about book blogging related things.

The goal for

Short Story Connect
Short Story Connect — 1356 members — Last Activity Nov 17, 2017 07:06AM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
Short Stories: Small word count, BIG impact. Short Story authors and readers need a hub strong enough to support the power of the short story. Help us ...more

BLOGGERS, VLOGGERS AND BOOK NERDS — 17 members — Last Activity Nov 11, 2017 01:46PM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
This is a place for all bloggers and general book nerds. Post your giveaways, blog posts, links, games, discussions and more! Anyone can join or post ...more

Literally Geeky
Literally Geeky — 124 members — Last Activity Nov 07, 2017 01:36PM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
Hello there! We're a geeky group of bloggers who started an on-line book club to share some of our favorite reads and discover new ones. We read one b ...more

Book Tour - Bloggers Wanted
Book Tour - Bloggers Wanted — 222 members — Last Activity Nov 04, 2017 12:19AM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
Because I happen to be in need, and because I couldn't find a group like this, I decided to start it.

This is a place for:
* Authors & Bloggers to

GREAT Bloggers
GREAT Bloggers — 76 members — Last Activity Oct 20, 2017 02:00PM
Just for FunFan Clubs
Goodreads group for everyone in the GREAT Bloggers Twitter groupchat

The Bloggers corner
The Bloggers corner — 1 member — Last Activity Oct 17, 2017 10:12PM
Just for FunFan Clubs
Welcome Fall Applicant's!
Name that blogger is the #1 spot where bloggers and influencers connect.
I wanted to create a space where we can share idea's,

Cuppa Tea Book Club
Cuppa Tea Book Club — 11 members — Last Activity Oct 16, 2017 09:37AM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
Welcome to the Cuppa Tea Book Club group on Goodreads. From fun beach reads to serious literary fiction, the books chosen are the ones that won't let ...more

Book Bloggers Unite!
Book Bloggers Unite! — 2 members — Last Activity Oct 14, 2017 09:28PM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
Since I started book blogging, I found it difficult to connect with other book bloggers. Very few of us blog for money or notoriety so aren't we suppo ...more

Bloggers Discuss
Bloggers Discuss — 174 members — Last Activity Oct 08, 2017 01:43PM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
Do you blog about books/writing? Are you looking to start a blog and need some advice? Are you wanting to discuss things with others who are like-mind ...more

Teen Bloggers
Teen Bloggers — 283 members — Last Activity Sep 21, 2017 06:54PM
Friends & Common InterestAge
This is a group for teen bloggers to interact with each other. Whether you want to advertise your blog, need some advice, or want to just chat about b ...more

Indian authors and reviewers
Indian authors and reviewers — 79 members — Last Activity Sep 15, 2017 11:58PM
Books & LiteratureGeneral
This is a venture to help the authors get reviews for their books and the reviewers to get review copies as well as establish their books and blogs re ...more

Crone Bloggers
Crone Bloggers — 13 members — Last Activity Aug 23, 2017 04:19PM
Just for FunToo Much Information
We are bloggers that are just a lil' too old to be teen bloggers, but are still outrageously awesome!

Find out how we started here:

Buoni Amici Press Reviewer Group
Buoni Amici Press Reviewer Group — 892 members — Last Activity Jun 15, 2017 10:03AM
Books & LiteratureRomance
This group is brought to you by Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

Reviewers with and without blogs will get the opportunity to read an

Book Club Bloggers
Book Club Bloggers — 1 member — Last Activity Jun 10, 2017 10:48AM
Books & LiteratureEntertainment
Bloggers, join us and give your blog's recent book reviews!

E&DL Reads Loves the Indie Book Industry
E&DL Reads Loves the Indie Book Industry — 7 members — Last Activity Apr 25, 2017 06:31AM
Books & LiteratureLiterature & Fiction
This group is for anyone in the book industry to help promote theirselves. Where writers can come & find proofreaders, ARC readers, cover designer ...more

Authors Interviews
Authors Interviews — 1 member — Last Activity Mar 03, 2017 11:20AM
Books & LiteratureYoung Adult
This group is for all authors and bloggers who wanted to be interviewed or get an interview for their blog.

BLOGGER SIGN UPS — 3 members — Last Activity Mar 03, 2017 07:06AM
BusinessMarketing & Advertising
We are looking for fabulous bloggers to sign up to our events...

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