Science Fiction Book Club

Welcome to our world.
Open the gate, walk down the garden path.
Over grass and under hill.
Doubtful you'll find us sitting still.
I can't promise you'll find us,
Down by the river or up a tree
But I'm sure you'll find us if you look for me.
Through that gate come, come, come
Find us somewhere, down the path.
On an adventure, in a city made of glass.
In a world we wish to live,
Somewhere beautifully young, or beautifully old.
On a quest to the moon or
Relaxing inside our hobbit hole.
The United Kingdom
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Have fun.

The Gods Themselves
Start date
October 7, 2013
Finish date
December 1, 2013
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* Introduce Yourself
By Tobias · 276 posts · 530 views
last updated Sep 14, 2020 03:54AM
The Windfarmer: A Sci-Fi Dramedy of the Nearish Future by Chris Wichtendahl
By Fire and Ice … · 1 post · 8 views
last updated Jul 29, 2019 10:02PM
Decker's Hacker
By Craig · 1 post · 12 views
last updated May 02, 2018 08:36AM
Seeking an opinion: Classic Sci-Fi. What is that?
By Kamiccolo · 28 posts · 104 views
last updated May 30, 2016 08:48PM
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