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This is a legitimate book review Exchange group. Readers post their books which are inn need of reviews, each in its own topic, and other authors post their own books to offer an "exchange" of reviews. THIS MEANS both authors must read each others books, and post honest reviews.

BIG NOTE: The "Author Exchange" rules are currently in flux. We're currently looking at a three-way review process (which I affectionately like to call the "Modified - Strangers on a Train" rule set. If you're concerned a
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By B.M.B. · 295 posts · 414 views
last updated May 27, 2023 04:03PM
Needs reviews
By Joseph · 10 posts · 16 views
last updated 9 hours, 30 min ago
Willing to exchange book reviews
By Karen · 155 posts · 412 views
last updated Apr 08, 2023 09:23PM
Reviews! Reviews!
By David · 5 posts · 31 views
last updated Jan 09, 2023 02:49AM
Hello from Perth, Australia
By Mark · 7 posts · 14 views
last updated Oct 11, 2022 03:51AM
Trio book review?
By C.J. · 9 posts · 8 views
last updated May 29, 2023 07:38AM
Looking for a review swap trio to avoid Amazon's death blow.
By Florence · 19 posts · 20 views
last updated May 17, 2023 05:42AM
First time author looking for review swap or trio
By Sophie · 19 posts · 47 views
last updated Apr 14, 2023 04:41PM
Looking to swap books for reviews
By Katerina · 13 posts · 62 views
last updated Apr 08, 2023 09:28PM
Looking for a review swap/trio!
By D.J. · 17 posts · 40 views
last updated Apr 08, 2023 09:27PM
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