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Discussions of the Malcolm and Suzanne Rannoch series; the Charles and Mélanie Fraser series; the Lescault Quartet; and the other fabulous works from this author. [Also known as Teresa Grant]

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THE WHITEHALL CONSPIRACY is on my website and up for pre-order on all major platforms (the print version will be out on May 23 as well but is not available for pre-order). Pre-orders are incredibly important for getting a book noticed, so if you plan to buy the ebook anyway, it would be great if you could pre-order. I'll send a special advanced teaser to anyone who pre-orders - just pre-order and then post in this thread or message or email me ( Thanks!!

Meanwhile a poll to get ready for the book. At least one of this things really happens in WHITEHALL CONSPIRACY - which do you think it is? And why and under what circumstances?

Raoul negotiates with the prime minister
  4 votes, 66.7%

Kitty stabs Julien
  2 votes, 33.3%

Nerezza leaves Ben
  0 votes, 0.0%

Frances runs off with Alistair
  0 votes, 0.0%



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