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Amazon just launched its new serialized fiction venture, called Kindle Vella. Readers can read stories, an episode at a time. The first few episodes are free, and subsequent episodes are available for purchase with tokens.

This group is for anyone interested in the Kindle Vella platform, whether authors, prospective authors, or readers. All are welcome. Take the opportunity to ask questions, shout out your Vella stories, etc.

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Shout Out Your Kindle Vella Story
By Peaceful · 130 posts · 119 views
last updated 8 hours, 53 min ago
New Fantasy Vella
By William · 1 post · 2 views
last updated Mar 29, 2023 12:19PM
Can Kindle Vella authors join the Goodreads Author Program?
By Peaceful · 8 posts · 142 views
last updated Mar 21, 2023 02:42PM
Listing Vella Stories on Goodreads
By Dale · 4 posts · 120 views
last updated Mar 21, 2023 02:35PM
What is your experience on Vella so far?
By Blue · 7 posts · 21 views
last updated Dec 31, 2022 06:39AM
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I'm an author with Amazon KDP
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Someone told me about it
  3 votes, 17.6%

Social Media
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An online/print article
  1 vote, 5.9%

Had not heard about it until this group was formed
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