Making noise for your favorite author.

This group is inspired by some of us who want to see underrated authors get the notice their work deserves!

This group is for all who wish to make some noise about an author they've discovered on Goodreads, an author who has produced some work that moved or entertained them in some way.

All are welcome to create their own discussion board, where promos, giveaways, and the latest news regarding that author can be discussed. But please note that it is better to not have the author themselves on th
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This is a public group. Anyone can join and invite others to join.
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Nathaniel Wayne - Dream of Fire
By Angj · 1 post · 18 views
last updated Jun 01, 2021 07:53AM
Yo Loni
By Kitani · 2 posts · 26 views
last updated May 01, 2021 09:31PM
Lindsay Buroker (aka Ruby Lionsdrake)
By Monadh · 7 posts · 48 views
last updated Apr 13, 2021 05:20AM
Lexi C Foss
By Linda · 2 posts · 14 views
last updated Mar 01, 2021 04:39AM
Sean Oosthuizen
By deleted member · 3 posts · 57 views
last updated Mar 01, 2021 04:17AM
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