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Sep 13, 2016 08:46AM

9876 I like sleeping alone. In your case I would have no doubt: guest room for your friend. You will both be more at ease.
TV obsessions (45 new)
Sep 24, 2014 08:08AM

9876 Besides that, I binged on almost all TV shows that I watched in the past few years. I need professional help.
TV obsessions (45 new)
Sep 24, 2014 08:02AM

9876 I have recently binged on Peaky Blinders, a brilliant BBC production, and The Newsroom which I enjoyed much more than I expected.
Apr 30, 2013 01:09AM

9876 Alias Reader wrote: "Same with me. All things being equal, I wish I had perfect vision and didn't have to wear them. It would save me a ton of money, too ! However, I don't really mind the way they look on me. I am used to it I guess."

Ah! The killer shoes I could buy if I wasn't blind!
Apr 29, 2013 06:12AM

9876 I suppose it is a matter of attitude, of how you see yourself. I've looked awkward until I decided to look awesome instead.
Apr 29, 2013 02:29AM

9876 I look good. I am very shortsighted so I am forced to wear glasses all the time. I decided to make them an intersting part of my face, I have a few pairs in different styles that I match with either my mood or my outfit. It's fun.
Feb 15, 2013 08:49AM

9876 I think the official reason for the I-am-me-and-you-are-nobody-look is that models on the runway have to draw attention to the clothes they are wearing, kind of like human hangers. Personality is distracting.
Feb 15, 2013 04:47AM

9876 You know you are getting old when you have no clue what your niece refers to while talking about music. You know you ARE old when you listen to said music and think "gosh, this sucks. Nothing like the Queen"
Feb 08, 2013 04:57AM

9876 My ideal bedtime is 1.00 a.m., I've always been a night person, too bad I have a day job. I love the quiet time, nobody hassling me, no distractions, I can truly do what I like. On the other hand, I hate mornings.
9876 I met my attachement while visiting a girl I met online. Does it count?
Feb 06, 2013 05:01AM

9876 I have always had a soft spot for La nuit des temps and I recommand it all the time, I think it is The Ice People in English. Published in 1968, many sci-fi elements are not sci-fi anymore, it has now become an "anticipation" novel.
Jan 24, 2013 08:33AM

9876 I dress up for work meetings with important customers, for nice nights out with my boyfriend, for weddings or "official" occasions. The rest of the time it's mostly jeans, shirts and boots.
Dec 03, 2012 07:23AM

9876 WOW. That does look like... A LOT!
I used to love cinnamon doughnuts. I say "used to" because I had my last doughnut roughly 15 years ago.
How sad.
Dec 03, 2012 04:45AM

9876 I have a little spider living in the corner of my living room, his name is Ugo. We have an unspoken agreement: if his web stays within a reasonable size (I am the judge of that), I let him be and he can eat all the flies, mosquitoes and bugs he wants. We are both very happy. Now I guess I'll have to watch his size as well.
Nov 29, 2012 02:48AM

9876 My father never raised a finger on me, my mother used to spank me when I was out of control. I don't feel abused. Talking was the first option, taking away privileges was the second, spanking came in last. As a child I distinctly remember forcing myself NOT to listen to my mother even though I knew she was right. I remember opposing her for no reason. In these cases only a spanking would set me straight.

It is true what BunWat says: different kids respond to different things.
My niece is a little bitch, worse than I was. Talking doesn't work, she won't listen, spanking doesn't do anything, she just stares back and says "that didn't hurt one bit". What works with her is a good staring contest. One time we sat at a table and looked at each other for 4 hours, until she finally decided to give up. She was 8. Now she is 12 and she drives her mother crazy.
Nov 22, 2012 04:54AM

9876 Granted Olga is not in my top-ten for names, I don't mind it. It has class, it has history. It can hardly be shortened or modified which is definitely a plus for me. If carried with pride it is a name that can make you stand out. And I've heard much worse.
The problem is: if the mother doesn't like it, it doesn't matter who it belonged to, she shouldn't use it.
Nov 15, 2012 07:47AM

9876 When sitting I cross my legs with the ankle on the knee, like my father and I snort like him as well. Not very pretty for a lady.
9876 If I stuffed as much as an olive in my bra I'd look like I had 3 boobs. So sad.
9876 Don't you just love the way the word "God" comes up when you are expected to sheepishly accept whatever crap is happening to you? I've always found it fascinating. God must have a twisted sense of humor.

I wish (some) women would stop telling me "you don't have kids, you can't understand". Ok, listen: I have no children but this doesn't make me stupid. Let it go! I can formulate opinions/thoughts on subjects/situations I have no direct experience of. Really! It is called using a brain.
9876 I do like heels, they make my legs look miles long, which makes up for my total lack of boobs. As I get older I find it harder and harder to endure though, so I always keep a pair of flats in my bag.

I have come to the conclusion that shoes have an "expiration date": some shoes can last a whole day at my feet, others 4 hours, others 2, etc.. This is the criteria I use when choosing what to wear.

Argh! I wish I wasn't so keen on pretty things!
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