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Dragonfly in Amber (267 new)
Oct 25, 2011 01:19PM

9277 I actually skipped large sections of this one, and am debating whether or not to go back and re-read. I've read all the others in their entirety. Thoughts? Is it worth it at this point?
Oct 11, 2011 01:49PM

9277 I love LJ. I think he might well be my favorite character at the moment. I've always liked him in the Outlander novels, but I think you don't really get to know him from the inside out until you read his novels. I will say that I don't think they are as good as Outlander to this point, but I think that with the Scottish Prisoner being developed as a full-length novel the way Diana means them to be, this next one should live up to Outlander standards. Can't wait.
Book 8??? (99 new)
Sep 08, 2011 07:48AM

9277 Btw, there is a great new excerpt about Roger from Book 8 on Diana's blog.
Aug 24, 2011 03:11PM

9277 I think Lord John catches onto to the fact that Jamie may have been forced in Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade. But I could have sworn somewhere in the Outlander books Jamie actually tells him. Maybe not. And it's not Claire who tells him - I thought it was Jamie himself.
Aug 24, 2011 10:47AM

9277 Does Jamie ever tell Lord John what happened with Jack Randall? I think he does but I can't find where it would be. I thought it was perhaps in Voyager, but now I think perhaps it was later????
Book 8??? (99 new)
Aug 08, 2011 12:22PM

9277 Just fyi, Diana has been tweeting little parts of Book 8 in DailyLines, if you are curious.
Jul 21, 2011 07:46AM

9277 I have to put in a vote for Roger. I think that for some of the books Diana makes him too accident-prone, for lack of a better word, but I think if I met him in real life I would really like him. I also love Fergus and I've never understood why he gets such marginal treatment. I think he is a really interesting character that never got fully developed. We never see anything from his point of view, like we do with the others. I wonder why.
The Exile (14 new)
Jul 18, 2011 11:52AM

9277 Who the heck is the Kenneth character? Why is he there?
Jul 18, 2011 11:52AM

9277 Oh, Patty, that's a good idea. I'll have to do that! And I agree about the Exile: it was interesting to get some of the additional tidbits of information, but I did not like the artwork.
Jul 14, 2011 05:53AM

9277 Is there a way to get it without buying the whole other book though?
Jul 13, 2011 06:29AM

9277 I was thinking that Roger may not be able to go back in time even if he intends to: he's trying to get to Jem, but Jem is still in the twentieth century, so based on what we know so far, Roger wouldn't be able to go anywhere and in fact may run into problems of the kind he did the first time he tried to go through (when he thought of his father). Thoughts?
Jul 07, 2011 03:01PM

9277 Where is the conversation between Jamie and Claire? I didn't see it on her website.
9277 Laura wrote: "Does anyone else think that there should have been more loss, more despair shown by Claire when they told her Jaime was dead? They have such an epic love, I felt her a bit empty, so out of characte..."

I completely agree. The whole last part of the book was way too rushed - things like Jamie's death and the meeting of William and Jamie got a less time and attention than Claire treating the wounded on the battlefields! Seriously, what gives? I hope she reassesses this in the next one.
Jun 03, 2011 06:18AM

9277 For those who have not yet read Voyager, you may want to avoid this post. If you have, however, I have a question: at the beginning of Jamie's story in Voyager, he wakes up with a dead Jonathan Randall on his chest (or something like that). I don't recall from the prior book that these two had a run in after Culloden. Can someone help me out? How did Randall come to be there?

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