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Jan 16, 2011 07:58AM

9277 I could be totally wrong.... But didn't DG post an excerpt or something she was working on a while ago that placed Raymond as originating in the Neolithic period? I'm thinking she posted this on Compuserve and that I found it through the Sinjari website.

I was right... heres the link to all of Master Raymond's excepts...
Scroll down to the bottom for "Into Thin Air".
Oct 08, 2010 12:09PM

9277 OMG we could have had a Goodreads reunion party! LOL. I think my funnienst thing was the rhyme she used to wake up the football players... so funny.
Oct 07, 2010 07:54PM

9277 And I have some interesting factoids to share with you all!

Well, first, it was one of the best author events I have ever been to. She was amazing, really gracious, answered even the dumbest, most Google-able questions (EYEROLL). She did a talk about the Exile, then read an excerpt from Book 8 (which I saw already online, but I'll take it!) and did a Q&A. She also did a signing.

Here's what she said:
1) Book 8 should be out Fall 2012. I know that was already posted on here, but I thought it bore repeating.

2) Her agents ARE in negotiations with whomever purchased the movie/mniseries rights to bring Outlander to the screen in one form or another.

3) The anthology with the story about Roger's parents will be released sometime next month (she said the name but I don't remember it).

It was SOOOOOOO great... made even better by the fact that is was really small, maybe about 50 people. Fantastic night!
Oct 03, 2010 02:07PM

9277 Hi all,
I don't post here a lot, but I am an avid lurker :-)

I have only ever been to book signings by little-known authors... I'm going to see Diana Gabaldon this coming week, and I have a few questions. 1) How early should I get there? 2) I am really poor right now, and don't have enough money to buy The Exile. It's literally a situation where if I buy the book, my family doesn't eat this week. Can I still go, and bring an older book to sign, or is that bad manners?

I'm SO excited for this!! Has anyone else seen her on this tour? How was it?
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Jun 11, 2010 05:32AM

9277 Wow, I never thought of that, about Rob and Balriggen. Hmmmmm.

And yes, all the gold (sewed into Claire's dress, thrown at Laoghaire, etc) is the Cameron gold, I believe.
Jun 07, 2010 12:18PM

9277 One of my favorites is the craziness that ensues right before they shave Jem's head in Echo. Cookies burning, fires starting. That's a great scene.

There's a bunch of awkward Lord John moments that made me laugh out loud as well. I'll have to look them up and get back to you.
Jun 02, 2010 12:51PM

9277 I just went on the Author's Attic site and I LOOOOVE the earrings done in the design of Claire's ring. Too bad there are no holidays coming up for awhile!!
Jun 02, 2010 06:20AM

9277 Yes, I've read the whole series and I'm on my second time around. I'me midway through Echo. I've found so much that I missed the first time!

I think Voyager is my favorite, with A Breath of Snow and Ashes a very close second. Drums of Autumn is right up there as well. Forget it.... I love them all :-)
Jun 01, 2010 04:39PM

9277 Kimberly wrote: "Eva wrote: "Having just finished the FC, I had to add what Jamie says to Claire at the end of the book when they are discussing the coming war ...

"When the day shall come, that we do part" he sai..."

Also my favorite quote of all time... so romantic.
Jun 01, 2010 01:56PM

9277 I'm new to Goodreads, and of course the first group I had to check out was Outlander! I am a voracious reader and these are some of my favorite books of all time. I can't wait to discuss them with you all! You seem like a great group of readers.

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