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8565 I read A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark TwainMark Twain, and I thought it was quite interesting in the way it was written.

The book did a good job of exploring class, slavery and political systems, but it was also interesting in how it looked at someone coming from the future. Hank Martin, who has been mysteriously transported to King Arthur's Court, has superior knowledge of technology and science, but instead of just get along in the new world he has found himself in, decides that the current system needs to be overthrown, and the way in which he goes about doing that is often amusing, and thought provoking.
8565 I read The Conjuror's Bird The Conjuror's Birdby Martin DaviesMartin Davies and gave it four stars.

It's a book that I've picked up in bookstores before and contemplated buying, but always ended up putting it down until now.

This book follows the journey of John Fitzgerald in his search to find the only known specimen of the Mysterious Bird of Ulieta, last known to be in the possession of naturalist Joseph Banks.

The book jumps from past to present, slowly unravelling historical and current mysteries, with unexpected conclusions.

The characters are interesting and well created, and the story is well paced and enthralling. It also managed to present ornithology, a topic I've never really looked into, in a fascinating manner, accessible to anyone.
Oct 09, 2008 04:37PM

8565 I read the The Secret History of the Pink Carnation by Lauren Willig
and I gave it three stars. Here is my review:

Eloise Kelly is a modern day scholar investigating the romantic spies in France in the 1800s. Through a lucky break she obtains access to some diaries which slowly unravel the mystery of the Pink Carnation, one of the most mysterious secret agents of the time.

The story jumps between the present and the challenges in Eloise's life as she is reading the diary, and historical France. One of the issues I had was that while parts about Eloise were written in the first person, when jumping back in time it wasn't done in a diary format but was written in the third person. However, this was probably excusable as it did deal with different characters.
The mystery slowly developed and although I did think I had it pegged at the start I wasn't actually right. That said, the ending did fit well with the rest of the story.

The characters were all strong and interesting and easy to like and the story flowed well, building up intrigue and excitement as it went.

This may be a bit chic-lit for some mystery readers but overall I enjoyed it.

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