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8115 Karolyn, if I recall correctly from some of my other Civil War readings, Seward came up with a plan, that he suggested Lincoln accept, to if necessary threaten war with Spain, France, England, or Russia, (whoever seemed the likeliest) for their various meddlings in Western hemispheric affairs, in order to perhaps gain territorial possessions (I think he also had his eyes on Cuba), but more importantly to "unite" the country through what he figured would be patriotic war fever...that sounds pretty crazy...but I think Seward was trying to come up with any plan he could think of to avert war...and I don't think that sentiment was crazy at all...
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Jan 14, 2012 06:33PM

8115 Bentley wrote: "Folks, I will get to it (smile) - I promise, promise, promise. Remember I am a volunteer but I am delighted to see a great deal of enthusiasm. This is a fun group map which shows how far reachin..."

Bentley, you seem to be everywhere around here, setting up do good work!...they should pay you:)
8115 ...I know Garry, and he is one of the most intelligent people I've ever run across...a brilliant mind, great writer...of course that doesn't necessarily mean his interpretations are always right...but he will make you think:)...
Nov 14, 2011 11:28AM

8115 ...same here Bentley, sounds cool...I have at least fifty books sitting on my desk right now that I'm trying (very slowly) to get through...
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Oct 12, 2011 05:04PM

8115 john petroshius - Chicago
Aug 05, 2011 08:35PM

8115 how about this: (remove the *'s when you write your code)

*<*spoiler*>* This is the text to hide*<*/*spoiler*>*
Aug 05, 2011 03:49PM

8115 Testing spoiler (view spoiler)
Jul 15, 2011 08:32PM

8115 one of the very best books I've ever read on the air war in the Pacific during WWII:

The Big E: The Story of the USS Enterprise - by Edward P. Stafford, ISBN 1-55750-998-0

...reads like a great war novel, but based entirely on fact...

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Jul 15, 2011 08:24PM

8115 I'm waiting for this book to be released (in the USA anyway):

The End The Defiance & Destruction of Hitler's Germany 1944-45 by Ian Kershaw by Ian Kershaw Ian Kershaw
Jul 15, 2011 08:12PM

8115 ...sorry to butt in, but I don't quite understand the rules of this game:)...explanation?
Jul 13, 2011 08:30PM

8115 is there a list (a short one I'd presume) that includes all the books that Aussie Rick has NOT read? It's a small thing but it would do my ego so much good to be able to say that I've read something that he hasn't...
8115 Hi Baseni, I guess if you're not Lithuanian you might want to call our potato pancakes with some other name...but we ate dozens of them (she made them small, about four inches in diameter), they were made primarily from potatoes (I know, I had to peel those guys!) and my grandmother called them 'potato pancakes' for the fifty years she made them:)...if you want to call the ones that you eat Kartoffelpuffer I give you leave to do so:)
8115 Lithuanian Grandma made the best potato pancakes this side of the Caucasus! My cousins & I used to eat dozens of them at a sitting when we were young...with a little of that Lithuanian chive yogurt on was heaven:)

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